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More Proof on UFOs

Discussion about UFO's, Aliens, ET's, Alien Abductions, Ancient Astronaut theories, etc.

Re: More Proof on UFOs

Postby SydneyPSIder » 29 Mar 2013, 12:37

Misha wrote:
SydneyPSIder wrote:I just dunno. We have rotating collar shoulders as primates to let us swing from tree to tree. We have long legs and now devolved feet unlike chimps who have 4 working hands simply because there was an evolutionary benefit in standing up on the savannah and running after things and hunting them down. We may have had an aquatic phase as chimps flounder in water, and we have lost most of our body hair except on our heads. All primates have forward facing eyes and binocular vision to reach for fruit in the jungle. All primates pretty much have opposable thumbs for gripping branches, 5 fingers, and flat fingernails.

I don't see why alien species would necessarily have similar anatomies to us at all, unless they had an identical primate-like evolution -- 4 limbs, rotating shoulder cuff, forward facing eyes, bipedal gait and long legs for hunting on the savannah, noses and mouths like many earth species, etc etc.

I mean, just look at our hands, faces, ears, etc and compare with a chimp. Then look at George W. Bush and shudder.


Hi Sydney,

Fair analysis. The argument is not about micro-evolution, but of the code in which all life springs forth. Perhaps this code is comic and not just in terms of human evolution? I recently ordered and received Meyer's latest book - "Signature in the Cell." I look forward to reading it. Perhaps you and the folks would like to view this presentation by Meyer:

And let's not forget our branch of the tree came from something like lemurs, a dog-like primate, say 50 million years ago, which in turn came from something like a rat 100 million years ago.

I doubt very much ETs came here 50-100 M years ago and started the ball rolling to make people starting with rats or lemurs, running through numerous species of tailed monkeys and tailless apes in the process who are still about and evolved to their particular environments in weird and wonderful ways. (Something like the 'absent god' theory.) They would have brained up the dinosaurs first. Maybe we just got lucky as a species when we got big-brained, that was the break one species needed to get ahead. They think there was something running around the savannah 5M years ago that was basically a small-brained chimp with long legs (Australopithecus?), i.e. our large brains were one of the later adaptations, not one of the earlier ones, and our consciousness and intelligence is a relatively recent thing, and an 'epiphenomenon' of sorts. The formation of the Kenyan Rift and the disappearance of the jungles on the eastern side of the rift stranded some chimps and they just made evolutionary adaptations to the new environment. But then they occasionally turn up skulls from 7M years ago that look like human ones, so the jury is still out.

Re Dr Stephen Meyer, I don't think it goes anywhere, does it? I mean, let's go all the way back to abiogenesis 4 billion years ago, where it's possible we all evolved from lipids attached to strata on clays now used as kitty litter. How far we've come!
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