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Scientific documentation on distant interaction.

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Scientific documentation on distant interaction.

Postby Pablo AM » 02 Sep 2014, 12:49

Some scientific documentation on distant interactions (with special atention to those that speak about the implication of electromagnetic waves).
The website extends too to biologically generated or externally aplied EMs and their effects on one hand, and in the other hand to the posible vitality of geomagnetism and Schumann resonances..
And M. Persinger is possibly my fav. Scientific at this moment ;)

Good job with this forum! I think that much skeptics are idiots (is joke, not idiots, some are frustrated, some have suffered some kind of fraud, some are in a toxic-embiroment than provoque their absolute desconexion, the others are normal).
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Pablo AM
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Re: Scientific documentation on distant interaction.

Postby NinjaPuppy » 03 Sep 2014, 08:35

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