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Psychic Fumbles

Discussions about Psychics and Psychic Phenomena, Extra Sensory Perception, Telepathy, Psi, Clairvoyancy, 6th Sense, Psychokinesis, etc.

Psychic Fumbles

Postby VAWT » 03 Dec 2010, 09:59

As the thread title suggests it may be one of the main reasons (excluding fakery) for peoples abilities not being consistant. Take for example a star pro footballer,he when pressured fumbles the ball which can be an ongoing thing over serveral months forcing his career to be cut short.

So certain individuals may have the comfort zone of their home to have direct paranormal experiences without public and professional pressure. I meet a retired Doctor, a surgeon and he said he learned psychic craft from his grandmother.He knew of me having suffered broken ribs after shaking my hand when I had been drinking some red wine.He said I had broken a couple of ribs on my right hand side, but then I quickly asked him into saying how old was I,how ''young'' was I, And he was out by 10 years. I rushed him and so he got the Psychic Fumbles with my age, Or he was just guessing that I had broken ribs on my right side after touching my hand in a friendly handshake. I say friendly handshake could have been the key for him to remain relaxed giving him the focus to use his ability. (I really don't know)

So this same retired Doctor told me how a woman was at deaths door and was to die within a couple of weeks because her organs were stinking rotten after his team opened her guts up, they stitched her back up and later told her the unfortunate news.When being released from hospital to go back home to her family to die she replied that she wasn't ready to die until she knew her husband could look properly after the children without her.So after two years when she saw her husband could manage the children,she went back to the surgery Doctors and said NOW I'm ready to die,and she died a few days later. The Doctors were totally stunned thinking how was it possible for the woman's will had stalled death?
The were real medical Doctors.
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Re: Psychic Fumbles

Postby mr. mike » 24 Jan 2011, 06:04

Re: rotten organs
They said the same thing about the magician/mystic Gurdjieff, that after he died the doctors did an autopsy of his body and found that he couldn't have been living....I read that factiod in the Fortean Times. Where did you get your story from?
mr. mike
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Re: Psychic Fumbles

Postby Craig Browning » 25 Jan 2011, 02:13

Yea, yea... and Edgar Cayce's Pineal Gland was like amethyst Crystal. . . :roll:

LEGEND is what makes these people into something NOT FACT! Just look at the extensive line of canonized "Saints" and ponder the question as to why the Vatican now has time requisites along with PROVEN Miracles tied to a candidate well before they gain even a modicum of support; it's just too easy to superimpose urban legend and cultural mythos. In fact there is an argument within theosophic and biblical historic research circles that has gone on for over 1,650 years . . . since the days of Constantine and the first counsel of Nicaea, not the least of which is the validity of who & what was Jesus himself.

The most popular theory, especially in light of hard-science and actual history, is the validity of the many claims made around Jesus because of how they mirror the miracles and the mysteries common to those living well prior to his conception. The famed tale of Feeding the Multitudes with fish & loaves can be traced directly to Pythagoras and for that matter the Hebrew and Pythagorean forms of Numerology (SYMBOLISM!) But when we pause and realize that Constantine, the very emperor that opened the flood-gates on behalf of the Christian ideas taught to him by way of dear old mum (St. Helena), was in fact the High Priest of the Sol Invictus cult -- a kind of State Religion that paid homage to the Sun, much of it borrowed from older Egyptian & Greek Sun-Worship lore. Similarly, Constantine as well as other political figures of his time and that of his successor, had natural empathy when it came to the rites of Dionysus, Mithras, Dianna, and Isis ergo these philosophies slowly found their way into this newly formed and evolving religion, NONE OF WHICH comes even slightly close to what the original message was. . .
...then again the "Golden Rule" has been around for over 5,000 years and can be found in most every world culture and chief philosophy between then and now and we still can't seem to apply it... LOVE THEY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF AND DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU . . . in following this "only commandment" as JC put it, it is impossible to break the 10 Moses supposedly gave us (which actually came from Egyptian teachings. . . go figure)

There is a near endless array of evidence supporting two major facts as they apply to this sort of thing; a.) Human Recollection typically SUCKS! ; b.) Time between an event's happening and telling will result in subconscious editing & editorializing. That is to say, when we have too much time to think on an event or person, we start removing the truths we don't want to remember or have remembered while layering on ideas and even non-related factors that we feel to be appropriate.

:idea: Here's a nice controversial bit of perspective for you. . . MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.

In his day the whole "pacifist" image that he's known for now was not actually known in that in the wake of his famed "Peace Walks" a tremendous amount of property damage, trash and graffiti would be found; the fencing to private property would get torn down, trash cans deliberately toppled... it was a MESS!

In his defense, I don't believe that Dr. King instigated such things but too, I don't think he did much in way of getting his supporters to shut-up and stop acting up. I am aware of at least one good chewing out he gave a young man for living down to image of being a "NIGGER" -- a low-life fool with no sense of direction in his life. The young man in question was white.

Dr. King, JFK and his brother Bobby each have present day lore painted around them that negates the uglier truths tied to them -- society choosing to recall the good and just as with those other personalities of the more distant past, paint them as being miracle workers rather than the MEN... the very fallible-imperfect human beings they really were.

Mohandas Gandhi, Khalil Gibran, even Pope John Paul II and Mother Theresa each have "legend" set around them. It is quite possible that a century or two from now they will each be given reputations for causing miracles as well as the idea that their autopsies showed this and that special oddity about them or even tomb/grave site gives off a unique aura. . . but it's just urban legend most of which is created by our desperation to believe in something that is beyond US. My hope being that we learn to realize what prince Siddhattha Gotama tried to get us to realize some 2,500 or so years ago . . .

. . . I'll leave it to you to figure that one out on your own. I will point out however the fact that it is more or less what I've been saying all the long. . . ;)

My point ISN'T that religion is false but rather, human beings tend to make things much bigger than they really are by superimposing ideas and misinformation onto a given individual or incident.
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Craig Browning
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Re: Psychic Fumbles

Postby NinjaPuppy » 25 Jan 2011, 02:19

Craig - In light of what you just said, my favorite prayer is fitting: "Jesus, please save me from your followers!"

The original concepts always seem to get deluded and bastardized by the members of the flock.
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