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UWM opens new School of Time Travel

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UWM opens new School of Time Travel

Postby Nostradamus » 30 Mar 2010, 06:06


Chancellor Carlos Santiago presided over the ribbon cutting of the new UW-Milwaukee School of Time Travel and Unseen Paradoxical Developments last Friday.

“This line represents our current time trajectory,” Santiago said, pointing to the chart with a large wooden stick. “I plan to personally go back to the year 1970 and place several pre-planned bets on sporting events using university funds.”

Approaching the podium, Dean Lloyd drew a velvet cover from a 2009 Gray’s Sports Almanac on a silver plate.

“This sports almanac will provide the chancellor with the necessary information to ensure that not only is the Time School funded in perpetuity – but that UWM itself will eventually be able to dispense completely of all tuition costs, as this strategy will soon be used to fund the entire university,” Lloyd said, drawing a pair of flexible, opaque silver sunglasses over his eyes as he said the word “entire.”

“Were I to go back in time and accidentally kill my grandfather, many would argue that my grandfather would never have met my grandmother – and therefore I would never have been born, preventing myself from actually killing my grandfather in the first place,” Santiago said, laughing. “Well, that’s like asking what the sound of one hand clapping is.”
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Re: UWM opens new School of Time Travel

Postby Eteponge » 30 Mar 2010, 07:15

I know this is a satirical piece, but I feel the grandfather paradox itself is an outdated concept. I'm more of the view that if you were able to step into the past, you'd merely create an alternate timeline where the changes you made were the past, with the original timeline remaining intact and unaltered.

So, if you went back in time and killed your grandfather before your father was conceived, it wouldn't be *your* grandfather you killed, but a version of your grandfather in an alternate timeline you created by slipping into the past, a divergent history. Therefore, the grandfather was killed by a version of his grandson from an alternate future, not the timeline he was killed in.

A paradox is simply something that cannot happen. Multiverse theory combined with Time Travel always negates a paradox.
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