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Skeptics - Remote Viewing test

Discussions about Psychics and Psychic Phenomena, Extra Sensory Perception, Telepathy, Psi, Clairvoyancy, 6th Sense, Psychokinesis, etc.

Re: Skeptics - Remote Viewing test

Postby Nostradamus » 30 Mar 2010, 06:19

Cant do this in RV - the aim of rv is to describe and to try not to name anything.

Help me out here. Why does the tornado rv specifically use Dubai and Milan? It seems to me that there are other specifically named items in other viewings I've read. I am not great at figuring out handwriting so it's possible that I've misread the handwriting.
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Re: Skeptics - Remote Viewing test

Postby ciscop » 30 Mar 2010, 07:17

daz keeps saying he proved his ¨powers´
but he hasnt..

he is just fitting information after the fact

is kind of boring
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Re: Skeptics - Remote Viewing test

Postby ProfWag » 03 Jul 2010, 03:48

ProfWag wrote:I just had a vision! I saw a swirley bunch of clouds and rain and water. This might resemble a hurricane that will be in the Atlantic sometime in June. I also see the name "Alex" associated with it. Let's see how I do!

Just a friendly reminder that I had a vision last March. Wow, I must be psychic, or have RV abilities, or something.
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