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Internet Providers and SCEPCOP

Discussions about the James Randi Educational Foundation and its Million Dollar Challenge.

Re: Internet Providers and SCEPCOP

Postby Frank Lee » 19 Aug 2009, 01:17

ciscop wrote:im still at the cafe :D

and it was because of you and your friend the idiot tom cutts that the skeptic area got closed
bunch of religious nuts

i dont go to the cafe anymore since that happened
such a shame

I'm still at the Magic Cafe too, if for no other reason than to give Tom Cutts a hard time whenever he shows his ass. Which is frequently.

Frank Lee
Frank Lee
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Re: Internet Providers and SCEPCOP

Postby Azrael » 19 Aug 2009, 02:15

The Professor wrote:Randi has been told to his face in front of lots of people that the JREF MDC is a SHAM, and randi has NEVER refuted that fact!

Has he? Must have missed that event,do link the relevant proof.

He won't take a polygraph and he won't explain his actions!!!!!
He has lost any credibility that he once had ... SAD!!!!!

Polygraphs are science fiction, post any proof you may have that contradicts this. Randi has a great deal more credibility than you, which is why you complain about him so much. You are desperate for fame, you failed getting on Phenomenon, you failed at being a genuine musician so you have to "sing" in a tribute band.

So now someone pays people to create false accounts of any forum that reveals the TRUTH!!!!!

Any evidence to support this conspiracy theory? I notice it has now changed from one person creating accounts to one person paying people now!! Sad.

First they said it couldn't be done ... Now they try to cover their LIES :)

Lies which are your speciality.

They basically create a zillion false accounts with different IP's and then try to detract and derail each and every thread (Just like here)
You'll notice how they constantly change the subject ... dead giveaway !!!!

Like you create multiple YouTube accounts to support your own "predictions".

They were all most recently booted from the Magic Cafe. They shut down the entire Skepic area there due to their attack. They are happy about it too, so they are trying the same tactic here, trying to shut down this forum.
Obvious really ... And you can check the IP's too!!!!!!
Same as the ones booted from the Cafe :)

Yes lets see those IPs that match,some proof at last!. Youshut down Stand The Test Dave with your consisitent slander amongst the religious loons that own the Cafe.Oh and Tom Cuntss.

You heard the story of the boy who cried wolf Dave? You tell so many lies that even IF you eventually write proof no-one will believe you! Who on this entire forum supports you? Jim and Highflyertoo. September 2008 Jeff Wagg booted you off MDC ever since you have whined for nearly a year and what difference has it made?
Any sane person who had a genuine paranormal ability and was angry at being refused testing, would become more determined to show proof. They would contact a scientific organisation and ask them to test him or look at his proof of claim.

So it's been a year almost and have we seen any proof of EVP entities anywhere? No.

Oh but Jim callhan is going to release video of them we're told(last year)maybe he is too busy making up lame videos about Dragoncon or blowing over a brick!
Why cant Professor post his own video-he manages well enough with his lame predictions?

I think we all know the answer-he is useless! Lets see his claim to fame is....a trick of rock scissor papers ! Well Im amazed. :lol:

I will shortly start a thread about the embarassing threads on JREF which Prof failed to answer.
I'm always very skeptical of any situation where someone's notability hinges on their connection to another notable person
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Re: Internet Providers and SCEPCOP

Postby Frank Lee » 19 Aug 2009, 04:30

Dave "The Professor" Koenig's problem is that he has a weakness for saying things in his posts that he wishes were true but which aren't true. So when he is asked to provide proof of his statements, he never can. And so he ends up looking like a liar and a fool. He may believe that posting his fantasies is a way of making them real, but since the world doesn't work that way, he just ends up looking like a nut case on every forum I've ever seen him on.

Frank Lee
Frank Lee
Posts: 39
Joined: 29 Jul 2009, 01:23

Re: Internet Providers and SCEPCOP

Postby soldiergirl » 08 Sep 2009, 15:20

Nutty Professor,

The diarrhea that spews from your mouth is hard to understand so please clarify for me exactly what you are trying to say about IP addresses. Are you trying to say/imply that everyone who thinks you are a few sandwiches short of a picnic is the same person which i guess would be me also then since I also believe you aren't the sharpest tool in the shed? If you are trying to imply that everyone is the same person then I guess I went through a lot of time and trouble to have mine show that i'm located in ROK and for what reason would I do this again? Oh and btw check out goofy Jim Callahon(sp) apology video on youtube and the video of criss angel and jim where Jim blows his gasket when pointed out as a fraud and tell me if all the comments from those videos are from the same person. Hey do you have any classic videos of yourself up at youtube and if you do plz link for my entertainment.
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