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Steven Novella of The Skeptics' Guide, Goes on Dr. Oz

Discussions about Holistic Health and Alternative Medicine.

Steven Novella of The Skeptics' Guide, Goes on Dr. Oz

Postby Eternally Learning » 27 Apr 2011, 23:24

For those of you who are unaware, Dr. Oz started out as Oprah's go-to-guy for medical advice and then ended up getting his own show, much in the same way Dr. Phil did. Dr. Oz gave generally non-controversial advice for a while, but started mentioning alternative therapies, and now fully endorses them on his show. Dr. Novella is probably best known in skeptical circles for his podcast, The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe. Probably the work he's had the most impact with in the world at large though, has come from a group he started called Science-Based Medicine. They are a collection of physician bloggers who are generally on board with the concept of Evidence-Based Medicine, but believe that EBM not taking the prior probability of certain treatments into account can lead to ineffective medicines and treatments slipping by.

One of the topics that had come up a few times on SBM is Dr. Oz and his gradual shift into promoting CAM treatments on his widely- viewed show. Apparently it caught the producers' attention because they invited Dr. Novella on to debate it with him. I won't say anymore myself, as I have yet to watch the video (I plan to watch it later today though, and will comment), but regardless of how it goes I thought folks here might be interested in seeing it as well.

Here's the link to an article on SBM intended for Dr. Oz viewers who are unfamiliar with SBM, Dr. Novella, and their opinion of Dr. Oz. The article also has links at the beginning to clips of the episode.

I've been told that some outside the US cannot view the officially posted videos of this episode. If this is the case for you, here's a version on youtube.

Also, a lot of folks were worried about unfair editing or treatment of Dr. Novella since he has an opposing viewpoint and it is Dr. Oz's show so he controlled the format. As such, Dr. Novella promised to write a follow-up after he watched the version that aired. That article can be found here, and it looks like all those worries were unfounded.

Let me know what you all think!
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Eternally Learning
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Re: Steven Novella of The Skeptics' Guide, Goes on Dr. Oz

Postby Arouet » 27 Apr 2011, 23:55

Very interesting, thanks for the link. I'll try and watch later today.
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Re: Steven Novella of The Skeptics' Guide, Goes on Dr. Oz

Postby derrida » 28 Apr 2011, 05:37

Oh cool i like steven novella.. that guy knows everything
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