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Montague Keen - let's make notes until next January

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Montague Keen - let's make notes until next January

Postby formosan » 20 Sep 2009, 15:05

The Montague Keen Foundation has been making some remarkably specific claims.

Researchers will note that many of these claims should be verifiable or falsifiable. ... 5-2009.htm

The Era of Darkness is at an end. So many have paid in Blood for this Darkness to succeed. The new Era will be different in every possible way. Love will prevail. The 4th Reich will not happen.

I told you that many changes will happen before the close of 09. January 2010 will be a time of MASSIVE CHANGES, a real shake-up time for all. Christmas 09 alas will not be a pleasant experience, food shortage will be used as a form of control, I ask that you prepare for this. Eyes will be opened, the veil of control will be removed, the dishonest will be forced to face the truth, the dark's Plans will not succeed. Its a question of LIGHT and DARK and the DARK cannot survive in the LIGHT.

You know that our plans will succeed, more people will come forward. You ask "Is 9-9-09 significant," well not in your part of the World but an Invasion has been planned for some time, it will be in the Middle east, we in Spirit are trying to prevent it but, now that you know the reasons for these Wars you understand why situations are created so that they create an excuse to start a war, they will use any excuse, fabricate excuses if necessary.

I have been making unsystematic notes of Keen's predictions. He always struck me as an interesting thinker - he is much more interesting now that his weekly addresses match up with current events. I intend to take notes until 31 January 2010 and then publish my opinions of whether Keen's weekly comments have predicted events accurately.
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Re: Montague Keen - let's make notes until next January

Postby formosan » 09 Feb 2010, 13:35

Well, Keen predicted that 2009 would be a shocking year, and it certainly was.

Kidneys were stolen in the Middle East and sold in New Jersey, the USA's financial system became obviously insane, and I got too busy with the external world to spend several hours per day posting on blogs and BBSs.

However, the major change that I was expecting did not come about. Previous entries had suggested that there would be some event in January 2010 that casual observers would be able to link up with Keen's predictions. In fact, there may have been something that can be linked up and verified as an accurate prediction, but it may require careful cross-checking.

Here is what Keen has said lately:
6 December 2009

Montague Keen
I bring you Greetings my dear from the Spirit side of Life and those on other Planets who now reach out to Earth to help Mankind to restore the Balance. They are so far in advance of you technologically and Spiritually, they come to assist, control is not part of their way of life, Love and Love alone guides them.

Sunday 13 December 2009

Montague Keen
My dear you are being made aware of others who like you, have been charged with bringing information about the Vedanta which is being waged against Humanity prevent them from working and living in the Light. We are aware of your relief to know that there are others such as yourself. More and more eyes are opening to what the Dark Forces are up to, they use the energy of Fear because it creates a barrier between Light and Consciousness. Their powerful Force Field of Negativity is specifically designed to conquer through Fear. They will use everything in their Arsenal to create such Fear and Panic, sadly many will fall for their lies. As soon as 2010 starts you will be bombarded by people bearing false witness and all sorts of stories to create Fear and so control the Masses. They will use every means at their disposal, no stone will be left unturned, it has been well planned by experts in the field. ...

There is no hiding place for those who have tried to destroy the Human Race and your beautiful Planet. They will no longer be able to exist on Earth when the Energy changes. All the Money, Power and Influence cannot stop what has been ordained. The Supreme Energy alone controls what happens in the Universe. I have always said that the Corruption will be exposed, it is HUGE, its all based on Greed, Control and Power.

20 December 2009

Montague Keen... The destruction caused by them will have to be rectified, this will be done. They will fall due to the changes in the Planetary System around the New Moon in February 2010. All the Planets are coming on line now, many Beings from other Planets are trying to sort all this out. There will be many sightings of U F O's, as we write they are already hovering overhead, they come to remove the corrupt. January and February is a time of Change,

January 3rd 2009

Your Solar System is moving to where there will be Light and Energy. Your Sun is also changing, atmospheric changes will occur.

31 Jan 2010

There are those who want to help and guide, many have made their acquaintance and are pleased with the results they got, they will continue to work with you all to see you through the changes that your Planet is going through, their intentions are honourable. Your Planet will be openly visited, there is nothing to fear, they will come in Peace to help you advance, they are so much more advanced than Earth and would like to guide you forward.

7th February 2010

The age of Darkness is almost over, we are on the cusp of it. It is your destiny to see the Stars and the Planets, "They" cannot keep quiet much longer. There will be changes to Gravity, also regarding the Solar System, there may be a shift of the Planets that go around the Sun which will cause some excitement. Your Planet is not alone, there are many similar but your one has more problems that we are trying to fix, we cannot do this physically, we do it through our minds. Your Earth is much older than you know.

You will be aware of the new alignments of the Planets, Veronica you have been informed of this. This information was imparted to you some time ago that the Planets will align, you documented it, this can be verified in my writings. You were aware of the happening last week when the Sun gave off a strange Red Light around it as it was setting, "They" put it down to a phenomena but you can rest assured it was coming from elsewhere, the strange light that "They" said came from the Sun, it was being polarised from another factor. There are happenings in other areas that "They" are not letting you know about. There will be more EVIDENCE on your computers soon, information about what is taking place out in Space.

The photographs of UFOs continue to stream onto the web, so we certainly can't complain about a lack of UFO cases.

I had been expecting a noteworthy earthquake that could be matched up with Keen's predictions. Recently a Haiti earthquake has been in the news, but I don't think Keen mentioned Haiti. I'm also not sure if Keen said that an earthquake was assured or just likely.

I expect a new moon on or about 14 Feb 2010, so I'll try to be sure to check for changes in the solar system. Whether astronomy or astrology will be more useful is an open question.

If the planet is "openly visited," as mentioned, does that mean that the news will leak out? Such an interpretation seems reasonable. If Twitter and YouTube start going crazy with authentic pictures of aliens shaking hands with world leaders, Keen will definitely be vindicated.

As for NWO conspiracy theories, Keen spent a lot of time belaboring the NWO and it certainly suffered some major exposures in 2009. However, the NWO is pretty big and time is pretty limited. I won't delve into a study of the NWO without major prep time. And on that note I have to run errands today.
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