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Discussions about Afterlife Research, Survival Science, Near Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences, Spirit Communication, Mediumship, Ghosts, Spirits, etc.


Postby phimanh » 12 Oct 2010, 12:02

You can read this topic here: ... exist.html

In the topic “All Human Have Been Tricked”. I explained that no ghost existed in the real world. They exist in the imaginative world which was created by each one’s aggregate of imagination.

If someone told me that they saw a ghost which flying or to do something scared him or her. I would believed them, because I knew they had seen the ghost by their eyes, heard a ghost’s voice by their ears, or the ghost chased them everywhere in the house to the back yard and so on.

I believed that they told the real story. But I understood that the aggregate of imagination of those people had worked and created image of ghost, voice of ghost, etc.
When the aggregate of imagination worked, it has an imaginative eyes, imaginative ears, imaginative nose, imaginative tongue. So those people could see the image of ghost by their eyes, heard the voice of ghost by their ears. By that time, no one else saw the ghost except those people, because the real ghost never existed, the ghost exists with the people who have the aggregate of imagination operated.

If we know those people who saw the ghost, we just explain them that their aggregate of imagination operated. In order to return to normal life, just live a normal life, do exercise by walking in the park more than half and hours, to do something by their hands such as painting the house, repair a car or to do something they like. Do not sit in the room alone, that person need to live outside in the social environment.

Gradually, that phenomena will disappear, that person will return to normal consciousness, the imaginative consciousness will weak and disappear.

Whenever that phenomena returns, using the Auto-self suggestion method to remind the mind that, “those images of ghost are imagination, not real, go away”. Just confidently believe the ghost is not real, does not exist, it will go away and disappear.

Notice that, normal person lives with a normal consciousness, when one slept, there are no normal consciousness, then the imaginative consciousness operates to make a dream. With who had seen a ghost, two consciousness (normal and imaginative) operated at the same time. Our goal is to help those people to return to normal life, eliminating the imaginative consciousness.

Good luck
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Postby Scepcop » 12 Oct 2010, 12:09

What about the cases where multiple people see the same ghost?

How do you know hallucinations aren't real things in another frequency/channel?

You seem awfully dismissive.

Perhaps you haven't really studied the evidence.
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Postby Arouet » 12 Oct 2010, 20:39

Scepcop wrote:What about the cases where multiple people see the same ghost?

How about referencing an actual case for review?
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Postby Craig Browning » 13 Oct 2010, 20:34

I have to side with Winston here... far too many instances involving multiple people sighting the same phenomena either as a group or independently and that includes as a matter of happenstance... not knowing about local legends or rumors about a given local .

My home that I wrote about in Ohio was just a big old farm house as far as we were concerned but within two short weeks I became aware of much more only to have my own discoveries and those made by the rest of the family (including our dogs & cats, believe it or not) verified by various modes of documentation tied to the property as well as independent testimony of people staying as guests in the home, who had absolutely no knowledge of anything tied to the home and its rather curious history.

While this particular property is a matter of personal focus (we lived there, after all) I've done studies on other sites with similar foundations, in the sense of testimony from persons that knew nothing about the location and yet, they report the same exact details. Similarly, I've been tested by psychics seeking to make out that they are friends taking me out for a day of exploration about town, actually test me (and others) by taking them to certain sites about town in order to get their reactions about each place visited. Nothing is ever alluded to, there is no prior suggestion of any kind of testing or curiosity, nor is anything in way of regional lore discusses that would tie to the day's events. Nonetheless, every case in which a truly gifted sensitive was involved (my self included) very accurate details were offered with details matching within a 90%+ ratio with things... oft times matching actual known historic accounts of the property... and before you go there, NO I didn't nor do I believe some of the others that were tested, accessed local archives to check things out prior to the day out... we're talking about random visits to different places and it would prove rather difficult for anyone to simply memorize it all and be prepared; especially when it comes to the unpublished elements.

I have to say that there are two key forms of "Ghost"; those that exist as a kind of "imprint" in time... a recording that repeats a set sequence over and over again. Then you have "Sentient" Ghosts in which you can actually communicate... albeit exceptionally rare, they tend to "haunt" family members or seek to complete a specific task before they can rest... even solving their own murder in a few cases (or so it would seem).

Yes, a large amount of what people call a "Haunting" is little other than imagination. This is especially true for those that know only late 20th/early 21st century existence vs. the more quiet and rural atmosphere the world has known for centuries prior. Our minds are too used to "noise" and when we find ourselves in semi-silence and especially in a voluminous room in the dark... well, the mind will start transforming every little sound or glint of light into something fantastic. It's kind of like eating certain fungi or eating a unique variety of stamp, sugar cube, etc. you only need a simple thought that can trigger a long chain of "experiences." :twisted:
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Postby Twain Shakespeare » 17 Oct 2010, 03:33

Hi Phi (couldn't resist;) ) You started off with...

“ ghost existed in the real world. They exist in the imaginative world which was created by each one’s aggregate of imagination.

So, Phi, in your hypothesis, ghosts are not noumenal, and are only phenomenal in the sense one experiences them. In “reality” they are epiphenomena of “one’s aggregate of imagination”, by which I assume you are describing that part of our “psyche” Jung called the collective unconsciousness.
Have I got your range so far?
By my experience of this phenomena, “collective” is accurate, in the sense of that groups can experience what they agree was the same “ghost”, “ufo”, “mothman” etc. (my fav term, and theory, is “quantum flux”)

That said, Phi, why return them to normal life? Reminds me of old Freud saying the goal of psychoanalysis was to free one of neuroses so one could enjoy the dry, dusty, grey spirit killing normalcy of the daily grind. Schadenfreude!
On the other side of the aisle, CS Lewis comments, “If you are going to see ghosts, you would do well to believe in them.”
Experientially, let me tell you, don't apply that theory to malevolent demons. That lead to my marriage! Not fun.
To paraphrase Vonnegut and misquote RA Wilson at once, “We tend to experience what we expect, so we must be careful what we expect.”
Shakespeare sez: On the bright side, using those methods, I have developed over thirty years of “believing” in it, a quite interesting relationship with a “pookah” I have named “Glory”. To deny some of the things I ascribe to her would imply I am too insane to live in my brain, and perhaps that I am capable of inducing delusions and/or hallucinations in others, so, mostly, I don't talk about her. I do wonder where I would have gotten, by now, if I had initially developed a different theory, like aliens or CIA conspiracy! (Shut-up, Shakespeare)

Very, very interesting account Craig. :) Both versions of ghosts can fit with either my soft (morphogenic) or hard (Akashic) versions of my “collective unconscious” theory, but they do seem to pass out of the range of any agreement with Phi..

By the way, Phi, I don't recall seeing any of your posts before. Peace
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Postby ghostie » 28 Jan 2011, 10:39

Ghosts Exist

This is a ghost and there are many more where this came from
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