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Mystery of Wem Ghost

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Mystery of Wem Ghost

Postby really? » 21 May 2010, 21:56

Some of you may remember especially you Brits this story of a supposed photo of a ghost of a little girl. Well the mystery has been solved as to what the photo really shows.


It was an image hailed as compelling evidence for the existence of ghosts.

As a town hall was being destroyed by fire, an apparition of a little girl - standing behind a rail and surrounded by flames - was apparently captured on camera.

The picture was taken by Tony O'Rahilly, a sewage farm worker and keen photographer, as he stood across the road among a crowd watching the 90-year-old building in Wem, Shropshire, burn down in November 1995.

Read more: ... z0oZWiDRE0

Zoom / Fade comparison ... ghost.html
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Re: Mystery of Wem Ghost

Postby ProfWag » 26 May 2010, 03:05

I thought that someone would post a reply to this, but since they didn't, I will as I think it was a cool post and don't want it to slide down to the bottom of the list just yet... :-)
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Re: Mystery of Wem Ghost

Postby Nostradamus » 29 May 2010, 21:02

I thought this was a fascinating article. It is interesting how what appears to be a hoax is never admitted as a hoax. It is sort of the dual of crop circles where the hoaxers admit to the prank, but there are those that deny the admission.
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