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Bill Beaty on the bigotry and hatred of pseudoskeptics

Discuss PseudoSkeptics and their Fallacies. Share strategies for debating them.

Bill Beaty on the bigotry and hatred of pseudoskeptics

Postby Scepcop » 01 Aug 2009, 23:07

Bill Beaty ( has some interesting words about pseudoskeptics that he asked me to pass along:

Another note. I wonder if you're already aware of the following.

When 'debating' with intolerant people on JREF, I often start to
experience a unique feeling. I feel like my skin is brown or black, and
I'm dealing with a racist bigot. Their snide smiling stance, which
conceals frank hatred? Their strutting superior attitude? The
impossibility of penetrating their delusions, and being understood?
Their use of namecalling and "racial slurs" such as "the pseudos" or "the
woo-woos?" Their need to pigeonhole everyone as either being "one of
them," rather than one of us?

The pseudoskeptics ...why, they're nothing new! Their behavior is long
known and well described. THEY'RE BIGOTS! Ahhh, now it all comes
together and makes perfect sense! Their actions seem obscure until I
realize that they're doing what all bullies and bigots do: stoking their
concealed hatred by dehumanizing their opponents. They never go after
strong people, but choose weak opponents: attacking reject/outsider types
who can't defend themselves. They view their opponents as inferior; and
as "being all exactly the same." We woo-woos are all exactly alike, no?
:) Let me put it this way. "Some of my best friends are woo-woos, (said
with a fake smile,) but I'd never let my daughter marry one." "The number
of woo-woos is large and increasing ...if we don't take immediate action,
the woo-woos will take over." "The purity of science is in danger, and
we're the only people standing between science and the forces of woo
contamination and corruption."

In all of the above, I just listed some bigot hate statements, but
replaced common racial slurs with "woo woo."

Man, this makes so much sense ...but ...I don't recall ever seeing this
topic discussed elsewhere. Surely I'm not the first to see the
connection? CSICOP is in the business of attacking a weak opponent who
doesn't fight back. It's no surprise that they attract a certain
percentage of bullies and bigots, since after all, racial bigotry is no
longer accepted in society. What's a habitual racist to do?

Why, just become a skeptic and attack The Woo-woos, of course! Scoffers
are driven by emotion, yes, but if we put in clearer terms, we'd describe
them as intolerant people being driven by a concealed hatred for "inferior
types," and ruled by a great fear that these "inferiors" will spread
contamination into the world. In that case, the greatest catastrophe
might not be genetic, where their daughters marry woo woos, but instead
the horror occurs when one of us somehow gets a paranormal-tolerant
article published in Skeptical Inquirer. What makes one into a Woo?
Simple: an attitude of tolerance rather than intolerance. If SI ever
accepted Woo authors, the Contamination of "paranormal tolerance" would
then spread to their fellow skeptics, and soon the CSICOP members might
all end up becoming half scoffer and half woo! :) If everyone becomes
"racially mixed," then that would be the end of everything, because then
how could bigots ever know which people to hate?


Feel free to pass my rhetoric time-bomb along, if you think it's not
TOO politically incorrect.
“Devotion to the truth is the hallmark of morality; there is no greater, nobler, more heroic form of devotion than the act of a man who assumes the responsibility of thinking.” - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged
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Re: Bill Beaty on the bigotry and hatred of pseudoskeptics

Postby brett » 17 Aug 2009, 18:07

yey bill !! - lot of good stuff on his site - :D - oops i must have my WOO head on again - better go and flagellate myself with a copy of the skeptical inquirer or some such - just to get my head back in "order " :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: Bill Beaty on the bigotry and hatred of pseudoskeptics

Postby NinjaPuppy » 17 Aug 2009, 20:56

I'm lovin' that article. Very well put.
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Re: Bill Beaty on the bigotry and hatred of pseudoskeptics

Postby Jayhawker30 » 05 Feb 2012, 16:28

Psuedoskeptics... more like psuedoSEPTICS.

Also, Jet? I'm sorry, but I have no idea what you're going on about.
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Re: Bill Beaty on the bigotry and hatred of pseudoskeptics

Postby Craig Browning » 05 Feb 2012, 22:25


Believers can be huge bigots as well! Insanely so!

Extremists exists on all fronts and around all messages; if you are on the outside fringe on any given issue chances are you're a protagonist with a big chip on his/her shoulder.

One of the things about this particular forum that I've always appreciated is that a sense of balance exists. Sure, we have our cynical wise-guys and yet, I've found that the 3 key skeptics on this forum are willing to listen and even consider things vs. slamming the door on things off the cuff. . . other than certain Youtube cult thinking perhaps :lol: The other thing that Billy is not taking into consideration when it comes to the JREF and CSICOP fools is that most of the membership is composed of FAILED magic buffs; lethargic dreamers who don't have what it takes to make it in show biz and fall back onto the "debunker" game in order to generate faux PR images. . . even the guys that are respected as being talented moan when it comes to the plethora of idiots that follow this course "just to belong".

I've found that many of these guys, such as Banachek, are pretty down to earth and fair; Steve and I have had several conversations on this very thing and he's pointed out how the fanaticism Billy is referring to, comes mainly from those that want to prove a point. . . to themselves. They are generally insecure nerds afraid of life and not being able to explain away things. . . frequently things they've personally encountered and found themselves powerless over.

When it comes to the bias within the Believer's world. . . well, we're looking at people that are afraid to see things in a more simple and realistic manner. They are dependent on the fantastic and phenomenal and afraid to stand on their own two feet. This type envelopes a wide range of believer types; fanatics that seem to preach peace & love while being responsible for more world atrocities, wars and enslavement than any political or military element in history. So if we are going to scream and point fingers at the naysayers, we need to look at our own positions as well and the shortcomings therein IF integrity is going to exist within our arguments. ;)
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