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Skeptics, I have a message for you from Uri Geller himself!

Discuss PseudoSkeptics and their Fallacies. Share strategies for debating them.

Skeptics, I have a message for you from Uri Geller himself!

Postby Scepcop » 18 May 2009, 04:08

Uri Geller has just given me permission to post this email from him about the skeptics. Below that I will post his public official message to the skeptics from his website.


Uri Geller:

Thanks for pointing all this out to me, but please check out my website carefully and read my MESSAGE for the SKEPTICS, I think it says it all.
Randi is the best free publicity tool for me has been for decades, I have no interest to debate skeptics, I don't care for them, luckily for me most of these people know nothing about PR and have contributed massive publicity priceless advertisement and miss information for me, which I need. You are an intelligent guy, think a little and you will understand why controversy is an important inbuilt safety device for me.
Your idea to do You Tube videos pointing out the truth is brilliant!
Much energy and love Uri
Please visit my website at
I wish you plenty of good health, happiness and peace of mind. Be positive, optimistic and believe in yourself.

Much energy and love
Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device"

Now here is his public official message to the skeptics from his website: (his quote from Oscar Wilde is so true and applies to me as well) ... _thank_you

Uri's message
To all skeptics - a big thank you
2008-08-18 5:03

Can you imagine how flattering it is for me to know that close to five million individuals worldwide have taken the time to view Uri Geller video clips on YouTube?

Sometimes the clips are uploaded by my fans, sometimes by my detractors. A few purport to expose me. Others go to the opposite extreme and glorify me. Several feature me on the Johnny Carson show back in the Seventies — a 35-year-old, rather boring segment where nothing happens except a spoon gets a small dent in it.

Some videos try to imply that I pulled out a magnet from my hair and slipped it on my thumb in front of six rolling cameras in order to move a compass needle. Come on! I'm not that stupid!

Five million people! That's like filling up Manchester United's stadium to full capacity 100times or more. And the time taken to watch the actual videos comes to more than 90 years — an entire lifetime!

The people who are uploading these videos on YouTube, imagining that they are exposing me, are really giving me priceless exposure. They're creating the most brilliant free publicity I could ever have, and certainly manufacturing more controversy... thus enhancing the mystery and mystique around Uri Geller.

The skeptics have been doing this for over 35 years! Wow! That's a long publicity and PR campaign — and it's all free! To calculate that in financial terms: if I had to pay for all this, I believe a Madison Avenue public relations agency would have charged me many millions of dollars over the decades. That's what the "Get Geller" bunch have supplied me with on a silver tray: FREE PUBLICITY. There is NO such thing as bad publicity (unless you are John Edwards and you're running for president).

Sceptics are a tiny minority but in today's age of the internet anything is possible, so I relish the positive impact sceptics have given my career. Yes, law suits flew which created more controversy and more publicity, and yes, lawyers got richer, but say what you will, whether you think I'm a fake or you believe I'm a miracle worker, I can assure you of one thing: I must be among the best PR gurus in the world. I've shown that I know how to reinvent myself over and over.

And now for the punch line, the knock-out if you will: the reality of the matter is that after being controversial, to say the least, for all these decades, with so many sceptics trying to debunk me, sometimes quite viciously, here is a short summary of my latest work:

My hit TV series The Successor has stormed the world with huge success and high ratings.
It has been televised so far in 11 countries, with many in line to acquire my format for 2009 and 2010.
Germany and Holland have taken the second season of The Next Uri Geller.
A&E, the American cable network, will broadcast the NBC version of my series Phenomenon in Latin America, including Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Columbia, Mexico and many more South American countries.
I have six more TV specials commissioned on other topics for Germany to be distributed worldwide.
The two documentaries produced for Sky in which I explore the dark side of Venice were picked up for DVD distribution and Staya Erusa, the film I co-produced about human consciousness, is now available on DVD in dozens of languages.
My line of amazing watches and rock crystal jewellery has just had its eighth anniversary on QVC, the shopping channel, and my novel Ella is in the pre-production stages of being turned into a Hollywood movie.

Oh, and I almost forgot my 10 commercials in recent years, the latest being for Nissan Motor cars in Japan. I don't mean to brag, but you sceptics, especially the ones obsessed with Uri Geller... eat your hearts out. I'm sure some of you, in particular the one in Florida who has been announcing my demise for over 30 years, could be, just could be, spitting blood!

God bless him and God bless all the sceptics who have so diligently, for so many years, contributed priceless publicity to assist my career!

I'll give the last word to Oscar Wilde: "There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about."

Uri Geller
“Devotion to the truth is the hallmark of morality; there is no greater, nobler, more heroic form of devotion than the act of a man who assumes the responsibility of thinking.” - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged
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Re: Skeptics, I have a message for you from Uri Geller himse

Postby Scepcop » 25 Oct 2013, 13:49

Wow check out Uri Geller's recent appearance on Coast to Coast AM where he responds to skeptics and talks about his life in show biz, his successful career with the CIA and oil drilling companies, and his controversy with James Randi and his critics/skeptics. Wow he's so positive and charismatic. His interviewer, George Knapp from Las Vegas, was awed and impressed by him. On the show, Geller does the famous "Geller Effect" on the air again, with the usual results where broken objects in the listeners' homes begin working again!

Btw, I don't know if I told you all this before. But after Uri Geller called me on the phone back in 2000 to thank me for defending him on various forums and newsgroups, and give me his usual pep talk, right after I got off the phone with him, I immediately spotted a special keychain that I had lost the night before that I could not find. It was glistening on the carpet floor from the sunlight shining in. I was shocked. I had searched that floor the night before and it wasn't there. But now it was glistening at me all of a sudden after I got off the phone with him. I guess that was my version of "The Geller Effect".

“Devotion to the truth is the hallmark of morality; there is no greater, nobler, more heroic form of devotion than the act of a man who assumes the responsibility of thinking.” - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged
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Re: Skeptics, I have a message for you from Uri Geller himse

Postby Scepcop » 25 Oct 2013, 14:11

Check out these impressive quotes about Uri Geller by professional magicians. Wow.

"Uri bent a spoon for me, the first time he did it, I thought there must be a trick. The second time I was stunned, completely, completely stunnedand amazed. It just bent in my hand. I've never seen anything like it. It takes a lot to impress me. Uri Geller is for real and anyone who doesn't recognise that is either deluding himself, or is a very sad person."
David Blain, (American Magician. Star of ABC's Television Specials.)

"I immediately pick up the spoon from the lectern and place it into my pocket so that no one can steal it before I have the opportunity to auction it off. I notice that it is now at a perfect 90-degree angle - a different physical appearance than what I recall seeing when he placed it gently down on the lectern. I secretly shake my head because it is now different and I did not see him do one thing that was suspicious, with speed, without grace or charm. It was flawless. I have no idea what he did. I now have the spoon at my home. It is perfect. I have seen many spoons bent by so called experts. Uri is in a league of his own. The curvature of the bend is beautiful - not forced. I have said to many people that the curvature reminds me of a single line drawn by Matisse. It is a work of art. You can tell that it was created by a master. Quite wonderful. I'm a fan. Now, I would like to add a few further comments. Although I am not an expert in the paranormal, I am an expert in sleight of hand. I would stack up my knowledge and ability in sleight of hand against anyone in the world. I do not believe that Geller used sleight of hand to bend the spoon. (I have seen most of the spoon bending experts created by the magic community and their work is not very elegant when compared with Geller.)"
David Ben Sleight of Hand Master

"As a magician, I believe that the tests we did (with Geller) could not be duplicated in any way by a magician's methods."
Abb Dickson (Professional magician - U.S.A. and President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians 1997-9
Abb Dickson has been named as a new director of the World Alliance of Magicians (WAM). Dickson who is a Past President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians wants WAM to help maintain the secrecy of magic and prevent exposure to the public.

Drew McAdam
"I will say only this: I have seen Uri do things that, even as a mentalist and amateur conjuror of some 30 years, I cannot explain. I know how mind-magicians obtain the effects they do... I know the illusionist's mechanics of producing so-called psychic effects that look incredibly convincing to the layman. However, I can categorically say that Uri Geller uses none of these methods. Quite simply, the man is a phenomenon."

"Many of the top Mentalists in the world have no idea how Uri Geller can make a compass needle move.

Since he does so in his bathing suit and has been checked over by ultra sensitive equipment for metal or magnetic radiation, he obviously is NOT using a hidden magnet to move the compass needle.

Since reliable sources (and knowledgeable magicians) have not only witnessed Geller make spoons bend but have witnessed them to continue moving long after Mr. Geller has left, I would challenge these so called protectors and magic geniuses to explain how he does it.

If they reply, "I don't know for sure" then they have no right to say that he is a fake."

(Even David Copperfield is unsure about whether Uri Geller is real or not, contrary to Randi's claim that all reputable magicians think that Geller is a fraud.)

"You know, I like Uri Geller. He is a good guy. I think he made many things with his abilities. I think some of the things he shows are illusion. But I cannot claim for sure, that this applies to everything."

David Copperfield

Impressive quotes from scientists who tested him under controlled conditions:

"I tested Uri Geller myself under laboratory-controlled conditions and saw with my own eyes the bending of a key which was not touched by Geller at any time. There was a group of people present during the experiment who all witnessed the key bending in eleven seconds to an angle of thirty degrees. Afterwards we tested the key in a scientific laboratory using devices such as electron microscopes and X-rays and found that there was no chemical, manual or mechanical forces involved in the bending of the key."

Professor Helmut Hoffmann (Department of Electrical Engineering,
Technical University of Vienna, Austria)

"Through intense concentration, Uri was able to bend a 3/8" cold rolled steel bar under controlled conditions, as he rubbed the top of it with his forefinger. I was sitting very close to him during this experiment. On another occasion, a radish seed sprouted and grew 1/2" as he held it in his hand. I watched this very closely as well. "

Jean Millay PhD. (Saybrook Institute U.S.A.)

"Uri Geller was tested in my laboratory at UCLA. During the experiments in Kirlian photography and after hundreds of trials, he produced three extraordinary photographs in which flashes of energy were clearly visible. What wonderfully welcome sights they were! I have also tested Uri's watch-fixing and metal-bending abilities. He has demonstrated these to me under controlled scientific conditions, in a most convincing manner".

Dr. Thelma Moss (Professor of psychology at UCLA and one of the first
U.S. researchers to experiment with Kirlian photography - U.S.A.)

"Uri bent a strong heat-treated alloy bar held by myself and my assistant at each end. There was absolutely no pressure exerted by Uri while the bar was bending. All the controlled experiments I conducted with Uri Geller have been described in Sciences et Avenir, No. 345, pp. 1108-1113."

Professor Charles Crussard (Professor of Metallurgy, School of Mines,
Paris, and Scientific Director of Pecheney, France)

"Uri Geller, as a psychic genius, has been able to demonstrate the repeatability of controlled scientific psychic experiments. Thereby he has proved the reality of psychic phenomena (such as telekinesis, clairvoyance and telepathy)."

Professor P. Plum, MD (Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics, University of
Copenhagen, former chairman of the Danish Medical Research Council -

"We have observed certain phenomena with the subjects [including Uri Geller] for which we have no scientific explanation. As a result of Geller's success in this experimental period, we consider that he has demonstrated his paranormal, perceptual ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner." (The results of these experiments were published in the respected British journal Nature, Vol. 251, No. 5).
Dr Harold Puthoff and Russell Targ (Stanford Research Institute - California, U.S.A.)

"Laser physicists Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff of Menlo Park's Stanford Research Institute admit their kind of research invites chicanery and trickery. They have taken special precautions, they said, to conduct the Stanford Research experiments under doubly strict laboratory conditions."

"Under these conditions, they said, no magician has been able to duplicate through trickery the psychic feat performed by Uri Geller and others. Some won't even try."

Los Angeles Times, Monday July 28, 1975

"I have personally witnessed and experienced on two occasions the metal bending abilities of Uri Geller. These experiments were conducted under rigorous laboratory conditions. In these two experiments the thick steel rod I was holding and observing carefully bent, and continued to bend, in my own hand. One rod bent to 90 degrees during a period of approximately six minutes while I was holding it. The other steel rod bent after Uri Geller stroked it and continued bending on a glass table without anyone touching it. The steel rods were provided by myself. I consider the Geller effect to be a phenomena which should be studied seriously by science. "

"A scientist would have to be either massively ignorant or a confirmed bigot to deny the evidence that the human mind can make connection with space, time and matter in ways which have nothing to do with the ordinary senses. Further, he cannot deny that these connections are compatible with current thinking in physics, and may in the future become accepted as a part of an extended science in which the description 'paranormal' no longer applies, and can be replaced by 'normal'."

Dr. Kit Pedler, (Head of the Electron Microscopy department, University of London)
“Devotion to the truth is the hallmark of morality; there is no greater, nobler, more heroic form of devotion than the act of a man who assumes the responsibility of thinking.” - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged
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Re: Skeptics, I have a message for you from Uri Geller himse

Postby NinjaPuppy » 25 Oct 2013, 20:34

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Re: Skeptics, I have a message for you from Uri Geller himse

Postby really? » 25 Oct 2013, 21:06

Here's an old thread from the JREF with scepcop himself partaking in the debate.

I have too include it would be nice if Winston was as engaged on his own forum as he was there.
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