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Another way to refute the "extraordinary evidence" argument

Discuss PseudoSkeptics and their Fallacies. Share strategies for debating them.

Re: Another way to refute the "extraordinary evidence" argument

Postby really? » 09 May 2010, 11:37

Craig Browning wrote:Really?
That's nothing of the sort. 'Pure thought' is nothing more than electrical impulses traveling amongst neurons. And this not so veiled nod to some ill defined energy is just wrong too. It's all electrical impulses pick up by sensors stuck to skin and computer software that makes sense of those signals to perform a useful task. It has nothing in common with the belief of some mystical energy that can be tapped into that's prevalent within the New Age community.
Holodecks aren't real CB.

Ok, where did I say to the contrary?

Even when I describe to students of metaphysics and my show audiences, I more or less incorporate (almost word for word) what you just said, minus the arrogance and condemning demeanor. My job is to give folks the information and let them mull it over – it’s the old Honey vs. Vinegar trick.

If thought is nothing but electrical impulse a.k.a. “Energy” it must therefore create a measurable and expressed sense of action – Physics 101. Thus, what you have stated and what has been taught for thousands of years is one in the same thing, just different ways of both, explaining and relating to the situation… believe it or not, our ancestors didn’t have the knowledge we have today for better defining and describing such phenomena, just knowledge that it was and understanding that we can train ourselves to not just be more sensitive to it but aware of it… even to the point of manipulating it… just as today’s science has done and will continue to do, constantly learning how to exploit the finer and finer energies, many of which we weren’t even aware of a decade ago… super subtle impulses that are akin to that famed butterfly in the Amazon who’s wing flaps trigger the motions that bring about a tremendous storm on the other side of the globe… granted, that’s an extreme example but it does convey the more balanced sense of genuine reality.

Craig you were equating one with the other. You even used words to provoked an emotional appeal for your point.
table top games that likewise function based on either brain function or one's ability to get calm and thus, allow the energy to flow... an idea that is hauntingly close to what mystics have taught for thousands of years when it comes to psychic/magickle development.

Mystics and others of the past age and New Age could not or do not with maybe a few exception believe electrical energy is the same as universal energy, chi or whatever one might call it. If as you say this wasn't what you wanted to imply then choose words more judiciously so there's no room for confusion on a readers part.

One note about the Butterfly Effect. A Butterfly's wing flap does not cause a tremendous storm directly. What it, this affect speaks of is a slight dynamical change in a systems initial conditions that would lead to a storm or not lead to a storm.
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Re: Another way to refute the "extraordinary evidence" argument

Postby Craig Browning » 10 May 2010, 00:14

Sorry for not being anal enough in my descriptions for you... I speak very simple, down to earth human being language not ubber-educated "lawyer" styled specifics. It's not to obfuscate things, but simply to be more "real" as to how people in the real world actually speak and interact... most of us don't hang on each syllable that's uttered, understanding what's implied.

As to what you bring out as critique to my position with things... well, I'm not understanding what you mean by "used words to provoked an emotional appeal" when all I've done is shown similarities --commonalities -- nothing to evoke emotional anything outside of recognition to the fact that we are both saying, more or less, the very same thing.

When it comes to what I/we were discussing (the bio-electrical impulses of the brain/mind/body) I'm on mark... you wrung in the whole Chi thing which isn't what I'm talking about... at least not specifically. I have opinions on that issue that stem from both, Martial Arts and my short study of Acupuncture theory, but that's neither here or there. I was talking about how the physical energy of the human body, the energy we know to be fact and how, by tapping into that energy source either by way of hard-wiring processors that can step up that "juice" or by holding some kind of conductor handle, wearing a cap, etc. we are able to create a tangible and typical desired end affect -- movement. Because of such manifestations it would logical to not negate the probability that some (be it a very limited few) have learned to bring about similar manifestations without all the technology attached to it. It is likewise possible that a rudimentary understanding of such things has been known for thousands of years, which goes to explain why Hermetic Law given to us thousands of years ago, is interchangeable with rudimentary physics as well as other facets of life as we know it.

Faith is a fickle thing in that it is a belief which can be altered. It is when a person comes to KNOW something that sustains that belief that they become rooted and unshakable. My objective being to lend to the believer a bridge that crosses the chasm created by the rationalists & cynics, so as to allow them to see the fantastic through more mundane and logical eyes free of the rose tinting on their glasses. I strive to remove the boogiemen and whispering fairy folk from their course of thought in such a way that allows them to retain belief but by way of an adjusted sense of understanding that makes what they once accepted blindly (even delusionally) more concrete, tangible... akin to what St. Thomas experienced when he placed his fingers into the scars of Jesus (as the story goes). It's not an argument over who is right or wrong, what is or isn't, but rather learning that it's all the same just different by degree... as the old adage goes, where does hot end and cold begin? It's a matter of perspective. The same holds true when looking at the mystical vs. the analytical; understanding that there is a median between the two is where one discovers wisdom... enlightenment.
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