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Brian Nuestro: Scammer Alert! Do not trust! Warning!

Expose scams and scammers here. Caution: Use with good reason. See rules inside.
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Brian Nuestro: Scammer Alert! Do not trust! Warning!

Postby Scepcop » 24 Apr 2014, 22:16


Above: Brian Nuestro, a guy in Las Vegas who scammed $1000 from my aunt.

This is a warning and scam alert regarding Brian Nuestro. His photos are above. If you are considering getting involved with him or doing business with him, then please heed this warning about him.

After Nuestro and my aunt were involved in a minor car accident, while she was slowly backing up at a gas station, there was almost no damage to his car other than a slight crack in the fiberglass cover on his bumper. The collision was so light that it was more of a mere bump than a real hit.

My aunt did not want the record on her insurance company, so she tried to settle it privately. So Nuestro took advantage of this and demanded $1000, even though there was hardly any damage to his car. His cracked plastic bumper could have easily been repaired for 100 or 200 dollars. There was no need to demand 1000. Any guy who would take advantage of an old lady like that is a scumbag who should NOT be trusted. He clearly scammed her.

He even called a mechanic friend to come over to help him with the scam and verify that the repair costs were a thousand dollars (for no damage). Yeah right. What an obvious scam by two scumbags. You can read more details about this in my forum here, where experts agree that he demanded a lot more than he should have, thus scamming her and taking advantage of her.

Since Nuestro was so angry and scary looking, she gave in under pressure, which was a mistake, but one that Nuestro took advantage of.

Anyhow, if you are considering becoming involved with this guy, or doing business with him, I would heed this warning.

Here are some profile links about Brian Nuestro below so you can verify who I am referring to. It seems that he resides in Arizona now, based on one of his profile links.

Note: If you are Brian Nuestro, please contact me to resolve this at the link below:
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