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Brian Josephson, Nobel Prize Winner, joins SCEPCOP!

Announcements and site updates.

Re: Brian Josephson, Nobel Prize Winner, joins SCEPCOP!

Postby quantumparanormal » 02 Sep 2009, 23:38

ProfWag wrote:According to (the site Winston referenced), they are different. It says that scientific (or empirical) skeptics do not profess philosophical skepticism. Since anyone can update, why don't you. However, if you are using the term philosophical doctrine to mean philosophy in general, then yes, it all qualifies as a pursuit for wisdom and knowledge.

Yes, I meant the latter.

See, I "pick" on Scepcop, too: :D
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Re: Brian Josephson, Nobel Prize Winner, joins SCEPCOP!

Postby ProfWag » 09 Nov 2009, 23:51

claudina wrote:Why do you think Herta Muller wins the Nobel Prize in Literature for 2009? In my country (not in Europe) I have a lot of difficulties to find her books in bookstores. I wanted to read to see how excellent her works are, but she seems not a famous author, I couldn't find even one of her books.

I'm not familiar with the Nobel Prize for Litarature as most of the works that win that award are not to my personal taste. (Similarly, the Academy Award). However, if you want to read her works in English, they can be found on Here's the link to her works: ... rds=nadirs
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