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Happy Halloween Everyone! Enjoy the new theme!

Announcements and site updates.

Re: Happy Halloween Everyone! Enjoy the new theme!

Postby Arouet » 07 Nov 2012, 00:45

Scepcop wrote:
Newbie Test wrote:I tried it with my test login and no, you can't click on members names and get their profiles. I believe that needs to be activated in the Admin controls.
BTW, this is NinjaPuppy.

I looked in the admin panel and could not find any settings that allowed usernames to be clicked on. Strange. What can I do? When I logged out, as a guest, I could click on user names, but it brought me to a log in screen.

I'd suggest that you update the software, but we've been through that... :mrgreen:
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Re: Happy Halloween Everyone! Enjoy the new theme!

Postby SydneyPSIder » 07 Nov 2012, 07:49

Scepcop wrote:
SydneyPSIder wrote:The entire post usually isn't there, the text is only retained up to the point where I hit 'Reply' and it generated something. So if I responded to someone, it only shows the quoted text and none of my new reply when I hit 'back'. If I went in and edited my post to add an afterthought (which I do often) and it fails to submit, when I hit 'back' it returns me to the last successfully saved edit. I don't hit 'Save' at all, maybe I should -- unless that crashes and loses text too! (Just tried saving then and it came up with a couple of screens and then I don't know what happened to the saved corro! lol. Oh hang on, there's a 'Load' button now -- it's all a bit clunky, and involved several screens and delays, I'm better off just hitting Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C reflexively before I submit...)

Re the fact that I have never been able to click on a profile name and they show no hyperlinks, I don't know what's going on.

That is strange. When I hit the back button it still shows the text I typed. Maybe it's because I use Firefox and Google Chrome, while you use IE browser? Please ditch IE browser. It's terrible and sucks and has too many bugs.

you can't really dictate to people that they ditch a browser that has a 90% usage rate on Windows PCs out there. I work in IT, and I can't tell people not to use a particular brand of browser, that choice is up to them. the only thing you can demand is a minimum version number for features to work.

I'll do the Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C thing for the moment.

Re the fact that clicking a hyperlinked profile while logged off clicks through to a registration screen, that would suggest that the early version of phpbb was designed to encourage casual browsers to sign up to find out more. the fact that it's then disabled when you actually do register is a little perverse.
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