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Does this power saver box really work?

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Does this power saver box really work?

Postby Scepcop » 27 Oct 2009, 14:23

I saw this at the mall lately and they claimed it could save you 30 percent off your electric bill. Since my air conditioner is the biggest part of my electric bill and the most expensive, if it really worked I could save a lot of money as it's so hot here that I have to leave it on all the time.

But this thing sounds too good to be true. Does anyone know if it really works?

Here is a picture and description of the product. ... ng-device/
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Re: Does this power saver box really work?

Postby brett » 27 Oct 2009, 23:15

i always work on the theory "if its too good to be true - it probably IS - like all those fuel saver devices - mythbusters did a program on them i think , and found none worked as claimed - a case of "buyer beware "methinks ;)
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