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noise near us

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noise near us

Postby jamlieight » 18 May 2016, 01:29

It is very important to carry our cell phones when we are going out, but it is more important to pay attention to the cell phone noise. To get us out of cell phone noise trouble, we need cell phone jammer. Cell phone is a very good machine that we could carry anywhere, and as technology develops, it is more and more powerful and could do more and more jobs for us. In just some years ago, when we driving to a new places for tourism, we need to carry many electronic products with us. To take photos, we need to carry cameras; To find out the right way, we need to carry GPS navigation; To play game, we need to carry game box; To watch movie, we need to carry a portable video player; To enjoy music, we need to carry music player; To login Internet, we need to bring with us a computer. Now all these things could be done by our cell phones. The cell phone becomes so important for us that actually it becomes a frind of us. But things always have two sides, the good one and the bad one. When the cell phone helps us so much, it also causes trouble to us, especially when so much people using cell phones in many public places that absolutely silence is needed. There are many places we need to keep cell phone noises away, like library, restaurant, law court, conference room, exam room, concert and so on. The cell phone jammer is a good product which could easily help us to block the signal of cell phones in a certain place, so all cell phones could not work properly in that certain distance. To know more about the cell phone jammer, we could start with this good jammer: the 20 Meters Range 3 Transmitter Systems Cell Phone Jammer.

The cell phone blocker has 3 transmitter systems and can work continuously without a break. The jammers can be applicable in jails, churches, meeting rooms and cars.

The covering range of the jammers can reach to 20 meters radius depending on the signal strength. The jammers make use of the customized power supply, which can live 2 times than the jammers of the general ones. The communications will be reestablished and full service can be provided about several seconds after switched off.

Frequency jamming band: All kind of band GSM, CDMA, DCS, 3G, etc.
Working frequency:869M-894M,925M-960M,1805M-1880M,1900M-1990M,2110M-2170M.
The jammer has 3 transmitter system, each transmit outputs 2watts , the total output is 6watts
Can work continuously without a break
Application: jails, churches, meeting rooms, cars (can use vehicle adapter)etc
Covering range reaches to 0-20 meters radius depending on the signal strength
Weight: 1.0KG
Dimension: 165MM*32MM*112MM
Power adapter: 5V8A, AC: 110V-240V 50/60Hz
We take use of our customized power supply, which can live 3 times than the power supply of our competitors
Our jammers can live 2 times than the jammers of our competitors

Above cell phone signal jammer is a very popular one. It could help us out of cell phone noise trouble when we turn it on. And all cell phone will come back to work when we turn it off. You are welcome to come to our online shop to choose a jammer at any time. We have serviced hundreds of customers from all over the world, we guarantee the quality of all products in our shop.
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