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The Forgotten - Film about Gov/Alien Abduction of Children

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The Forgotten - Film about Gov/Alien Abduction of Children

Postby Scepcop » 20 Jan 2012, 05:21

Have any of you seen "The Forgotten (2004)"? I just saw it and was stunned. It's an incredibly suspenseful and chilling psychological thriller about a conspiracy between the government and extraterrestrials to abduct children and then erase their parents' memory of them. Somehow, these "shadowy powers" are also able to erase all physical traces of the children, including their photographs and belongings. Gee, they must have amazing powers beyond comprehension. I wonder if the maker of the film was trying to tell us something?

This is a film David Icke would love. Someone should forward it to him, so he can talk about it in his interviews and lectures.

There is also a "jump in your chair" scene where a woman suddenly gets pulled up into the sky. lol

Here is the info about it on IMDB:


Here's the trailer for it on YouTube:

Here is the whole film on YouTube. Part 1 of 6:

If I were you, I'd watch it while it's still up on YouTube. Otherwise, you'll have to go out and rent it if it's no longer up there. It's very engaging and will send chills down your spine, as you wonder how much truth there is in this film. lol
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Re: The Forgotten - Film about Gov/Alien Abduction of Childr

Postby Arouet » 20 Jan 2012, 11:19

I recall enjoying the film but not wondering whether any of it was true.
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