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Can the democratic party

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Re: Can the democratic party

Postby Arouet » 04 Oct 2010, 20:58

Ok, I'm not American and don't follow this kind of thing: but what recent laws have been passed banning smoking, drinking and recreational drugs? I mean, there was prohibition in the 20s for alcohol. Cigarettes are stil legal (though there are many places you can't smoke), and if anything, laws against recreational drugs are loosening (such as movements towards the decriminalization of marijuana).

You are a new poster, so this could just be a troll.
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Re: Can the democratic party

Postby Craig Browning » 05 Oct 2010, 00:19

Both parties hold to the Politically Correct view when it comes to such vices and both are just as guilty for making "allowances" or looking the other way when it comes to these things, so you can't set the onus of it all onto the shoulders of one specific group unless you want to create a third party known as the nosy do-gooders party; their primary platform is to ban all things fun and quasi-dangerous.

I have asthma and for decades albuterol (sp) was the primary drug used in an emergency inhaler. Now, in the Common Wealth that is Massachusetts, said AMA/FDA approved treatment is no longer allowed because it hurts the environment... screw the fact that it is superior to the CRAP we are now forced to use that is nowhere near as effective as the time proven treatment, but he Environmental Gestapo decided to make it an issue and in so doing, make the lives of a given minority, hell as the end result... and that was made law by a Republican, memory serving me... our former Governor and wannabe President Mitt Romney.

The truth behind it all, typically centers on money and the favors individual politician owe the various lobbies/industries; Tobacco has been a major contributor to political campaigns since this nation began. When mass transit came about and the birth of various Robber-Barons, they too pulled the strings for a considerable time via the Rail Road (which the Republicans (Ike) managed to destroy in favor of big oil and the automotive industry) and then big oil, insurance, etc.

As to who or which party is in office and "in power" has nothing to do with what's actually going on; the reality behind our "government" today is that big business, banks, etc are in control NOT "We the People"... we surrendered that advantage long ago when we stopped voting as a nation, stopped believing in the fact that our voice & vote can make a difference, and stopped being wise enough so as to not become addicted to all the cool, nifty pacifiers big business keeps throwing in our face so as to misdirect (and use up) our energy... silly things like iPads, iPods, Blackberries/Cell Phones that do 1001 different things, etc. No matter what you might label it as being, it's a gadget -- a toy -- and we're all suckers (Jack Russell Terriers) when the ball is bounced by our masters...

Complete and total prohibition of booze, smokes, and various other vices has been proven a folly; it never works! Right now, the biggest and most powerful crime element is that of narcotics, but if we were to legalize Pot... just pot... you would see a steep decline in crime in under three years time. Plus, you'd end up with a population that's far more passive and easier to control (less likely to revolt). Legal dope also means an economic increase on a number of fronts, the least of which is Taxation of the product and the annual gross for companies like Hostess and Lays.... :lol:

Bottom line is, you can't point your finger at any one group OR, if you were to do so, it would have to be the lethargy of the American people as a whole when it comes to their civic obligations and understanding how powerful they really are, just in writing a letter to each of their elected officials or the local paper, on those issues that matter to them and why... GET INVOLVED AND HELP MAKE THE CHANGES, it's that simple.
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Craig Browning
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Re: Can the democratic party

Postby caniswalensis » 05 Oct 2010, 04:38

The answer to the question posed in this thread's title is an emphatic: YES!

I have made direct observations that objectively show the democratic can indeed party.

I would go as far as to say that they can party in a manner best described as "hardy."

Sadly, however, they are no longer able to party like they did in 1999.

Regards, Canis
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