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Seven Surefire Ways to Increase Your Brain Power (Mercola)

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Seven Surefire Ways to Increase Your Brain Power (Mercola)

Postby Scepcop » 24 Mar 2010, 04:01

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Re: Seven Surefire Ways to Increase Your Brain Power (Mercola)

Postby Nostradamus » 24 Mar 2010, 11:28

Lots of problems here:
1. The Greeks thought that exercise was important so this is kind of old - not 21st century material. I am not saying this is true or not.
2. The idea that light can go up you eyes into you optic nerve and into your brain is frankly idiotic
a. Limiting input radiation to 1500 wave length is rubbish. Frankly I'm not sure what this says. It's just rubbish.
b. Photons are converted to other signals and do not enter the brain. Photons entering the brain are high energy such as x-rays or cosmic rays and are not intended as "nutrition".
c. EM does not nourish the brain. Too weird.
3. The claim that bad sleep leads to diabetes is a nonsense claim based on really, really, bad logic.
4. His statements about eating well are sound, but there is a quick diversion from eating well to other topics such as the unfounded claim of GM foods.
5. The claims of connections of sugar to every bad disease is unsubstantiated poppycock. Not sure why he dove off the deep end.
6. The claim that the intake is related to the chemistry of an organism or any part of an organ is poppycock. No organism moves the input material to the destination without changing it.
7. Studies show that mental exercises are not effective in "exercising" the brain. This is an urban myth. I am bummed it isn't true since I love puzzles.
8. The law he refers to is not a law such as a scientific law. Don't confuse the two. It's such quasi-marketing law.
9. No problems with fresh air. Better than bad air!
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