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Looking @ 2012

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Looking @ 2012

Postby Craig Browning » 04 Mar 2010, 03:34

The post by ( got me to thinking, so I thought I’d offer a couple of bends & twists around the whole “End of the World” doom & gloom.

First of all, the has come and gone (officially) over 150 times in the past century alone, the more anti-climatic points being 2000 and 2001 when Jesus seems to have missed his appointed rounds and all the Televangelists had to chew on some crow, getting inventive with their explanations, etc. (but it was fun watching squirm).

we really do live in a unique point in time when it comes to prophecy. This is the first time in known history that almost every major (and several minor) prophecies focus on the same general time period (between 1998 and 2022) as being “The End Times” and/or “Judgement Day”, this includes certain scientific evidence associated with Earth Changes and if you would, the Climate scenario (remind me, there’s a wonderful funny on Global Warming I need to share…)

The “Down to Earth” Psychics/Shaman and philosophers seem to believe that we are in fact, in for a bit of a bumpy ride but they are also looking at the logic as to why that would be.

Human beings seem to only let down their bias, distrust and general pettiness during times of extreme hardship in which everyone is in the same boat. We saw this with 9/11, , and now Chili and I’ll lay money on it that you will see it happening again as the wave of increases around the world.

If we were to accept that some kind of omnipotent being really were out there, we would have to assume that it would use what’s available when it comes to teaching us all a big lesson about playing well together and actually applying the essence of all that wisdom and special fluffy thinking its been trying to get us to live by over the past 5,000 years. So shaking up the snow globe might very well be how this happens; earth changes as well as man-made catastrophe (including war type issues).

BUT… it’s not going to be akin to the recent comedy 2012 (a.k.a. how many times can we have the run way fall out from under an airplane movie)… I’m not seeing growing an Island just yet, but we might see get a bit bigger in island size.

What we will most likely see is people letting go of all the B.S. they’ve allowed themselves to get caught up in and readjusting their sense of priority as well as values. I think we are going to see a new kind of society raising up of calamity but the attitudes will be more akin to what Redfield describes in “The Celestine Prophecy” – a Mass Consciousness that is focused on improving EVERYONE’S situation and doing so without all the economic/business, political or religious HORSE CRAP set into the mix.

This is something the Evangelists and Born Againers fear in that it fulfills (supposedly) the prophecy of a One World Society in which there is a One based on a “Mark” one must have on the palm of their left hand or forehead in order to get food, housing, medical treatment, etc. But, this “Mark” means that you’ve sold your soul to the Devil… in other words, if you believe in world peace and the spirit of humanitarianism you are damned! But this is why most every Congress of the World Religions has been picketed by the Religious Right element and fear mongering heightened when anything supports globalization, the world community and so forth… but that’s another issue…

Fact is, the unfolding of this “Communal” idealism is very much biblical (you’ll find it in several places but it was a strong concept found in the and from where the modern Kibbutz came to be) but it is a concept that’s been constant in many other world traditions, many of them older than Christianity or Judaism. Each of them assigning humankind as the care givers of this planet and ALL that inhabit it. The challenge, if we are to consider the Golden Rule, being to see the divine in ourselves as well as our fellow being; not just white folk or black folk or red folk but ALL FOLK including the critters of the earth, air & sea/water.

I know, it seems very fantasiful, but this is supposedly what will unfold as we cross that mythic threshold in December of 2012 and figuratively complete the 50 year process of transition that has transpired. But understand, there’s still another 50 years (two-three total generations) before the over-all affect or cycle is completed. 2012 is just the end of the previous era and the beginning of a new “unknown”. In fact the only prophecies that I’m aware of that denote anything beyond 2012 come from the real Nostradamus who, memory serving, gives us another 10,000 years of so before our sun goes super nova and rips everything asunder.

CLIMATE CHANGE & CHRISTIANS… We need to consider this closely and see the irony in it…

Most Christians hold to the idea that the second destruction of earth is to happen by fire, so wouldn’t it make sense, given that this is the time of Judgement, the end of all, etc. that things are heating up? Yet, who are the biggest detractors when it comes to the idea that man is causing this increase of heat?

Check it out… most involved with the Global Warming not only vote Republican and patronize and believe FOX News is legit, they are likewise Christians with a fundamentalist slant.
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Re: Looking @ 2012

Postby NinjaPuppy » 04 Mar 2010, 03:50

<clapping wildly>
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Re: Looking @ 2012

Postby Nostradamus » 04 Mar 2010, 05:41

The odd thing about the choice of 2012 is that this date is derived from the Mayan calendar. There is some doubt, like multiple years, about when the calendar actually wraps around. The date is not clear. Also, the Mayan had no prophecies connected to their calendar wrapping.
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Re: Looking @ 2012

Postby Craig Browning » 05 Mar 2010, 01:50

Nostradamus wrote:The odd thing about the choice of 2012 is that this date is derived from the Mayan calendar. There is some doubt, like multiple years, about when the calendar actually wraps around. The date is not clear. Also, the Mayan had no prophecies connected to their calendar wrapping.

Aha! You've been listening... good boy, have a cookie :lol:

So where does the date come from?

According to a handful of associates that have discussed this stupidity over the years (long ago, before it became a hot button for selling books) the date was "borrowed" so to speak... it seems to coincide (sort of) with the Egyptian "Pyramid" Prophesies that show the world ending on said date based on the formula that was pulled out of someone's hind-side long ago, that basically says that one hall in the great Pyramid accurately depicts one particular era of time but when you turn the corner you start into this age, etc. Somehow the math reveals a time line but personally I believe it a hint of a contrivance, similar to the Christian delusion... I mean, formula... that the earth is only 7,000 or so years old... because the bible hints at it :o

But there's more... Remember that I said that this is the first time in human history that "all" of the major prophecies/calendars are coming together at the same basic chronological point in time. Well, that's because a.) How Astrology Works and How, in Ancient Times it was Relied Upon for Making Forecasts; and b.)How one interprets "the signs".

FACT: We are chronologically, astronomically and via the zodiac, shifting out to the Piscean "house" and more fully into the Aquarian house of influence. Whether you believe in Astrology or not this is a physical thing that is happening with the planet and its position within the solar system. In theory this means a shift of consciousness, attitudes, etc.

FACT: By way of the Hindu Calendar (and others) we are in an area of Transmutation -- change brought about by challenge or judgment. The Hindu Goddess Kahli is here to exact justice and bring balance to the world's karma so life might start anew. The timing of this chronology and that of lesser known traditions supporting a similar course of thought is quite possibly why biblical prophecies have been made to fit into this particular dispensation of time.

FACT: In current time we have human perceptions as well as "needs" neither of which tend to be logic based but more inclined towards issues of faith; perspectives we've been trained to share as part of a given society and as such, we are always seeking "proofs" that support said premise... manifestation of the miraculous as well as those that one can point a finger at and call a false prophet, the anti-Christ, etc. But "the signs" are the key; the famed White Buffalo... the Hopi Orbs... and according to certain sects, the advancement of the UN as a prime Political influence in political affairs around the globe. There are manifestations everywhere that prove we are at the precipice of God's day of intervention... even the auspices of Science have seemingly lent support to said doom and gloom by way of the Climate Change drama, support of actual Earth Change scenarios and of course, those breakthroughs like DNA, Stemcells and nano tech that allow us to be "as God"... that's just solid proof that the devil is alive and well on the planet earth :twisted: ... Oh! We can't forget all those Gay boys & the Lesbians... whenever they start showing up and gaining ground you know something is going to be smote by the divine. :roll:

Yes, I'm deliberately being a hint sarcastic and, it may seem, contrary to my original post. But weigh what I've said and am saying when it comes to the bottom line... the times are changing THAT'S IT! I've but given a theory in the first post, as to why we might see that more gentle Aquarian attitude take root and how, in theory, we must go through hell before finding heaven. ;)
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Craig Browning
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