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paranormal debunker?

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paranormal debunker?

Postby challenger88 » 23 Sep 2009, 05:09

Are all these sites old and already disproven?
(I'm not looking for a big answer. It can either be a yes or a no if you wish)
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Re: paranormal debunker?

Postby JonDonnis » 30 Oct 2009, 04:58

They are all my sites
you missed out

These sites have NEVER been disproven or debunked as there isnothing to disprove or debunk.

BadPsychics has been around for over 6 years now and is the UKs largest and most popular skeptical site.

We are not like tehhe JREF or other such sites, we are not academics, we do not claim superiority, we are just normal people with an interest in exposing that which is fake and wrong.

We were the WORLDS first at exposing Most Haunted and Derek Acorah as fake.

We welcome EVERYONE to our forum, including believers and psychics etc.

We are friendly, fun and dont take ourselves too seriously.

We do our best to expose fakery in an industry that refuses to police itself.

Many of our supporters are psychics themselves, infact Psychic Becky Walsh even credits us in her latest book!

I know that many people on here will not agree with everything we say, andthats fine, if you wish to take us to task on an article then great we encourage that.
Start a trhead on our forum, or even write a rebuttle article and if it is good enough we will publish it.

We are not scared of criticism, and we are happy to admit when we are wrong.
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