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What are skeptics so worried about?

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Re: What are skeptics so worried about?

Postby ProfWag » 14 Oct 2009, 04:17

NinjaPuppy wrote:
ProfWag wrote:Don, most of your comments in this post are as wrong as two boys in bed.

Now see, that's the kind of comment that is left wide open to interpretation. From my perspective, two boys in bed is a GOOD thing!

Oh my! Would that include naughty boys who need a spanking? Oh, wait a minute. Totally off subject... ;-)
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Re: What are skeptics so worried about?

Postby wjbeaty » 24 Oct 2009, 12:08

Right, the OP should have used some other word than Skeptics.

What are the "staunch Csicop-supporters" afraid of? That's easy, just follow the group publications. They're not shy about stating the problem. They're afraid that science is actually a fragile and recent phenomenon, like a single candle in the darkness, afraid that our civilization could be snuffed out by hoards of ignorant "believers." Afraid that a slow-rising tide of irrationality will engulf the world. Afraid that something like the religion-based US government of the SF story "The Handmaids Tale" could end up coming true.
'Skeptic' does not mean scoffer
'Skeptic' does not mean debunker
'Skeptic' does not mean csicop member
'Skeptic' does not mean Atheist
'Skeptic' does not mean cynic
'Skeptic' does not mean woo-woo-hater
'Skeptic' does not mean anti-paranormalist
'Skeptic' does not even mean self-declared Skeptic
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