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The Scole Experiment. My view.

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The Scole Experiment. My view.

Postby Casper » 14 Jun 2015, 03:51

Most of us know why this was an "experiment" but for those that don't, I will explain.
The 2 mediums could not produce ectoplasm so this home circle together with the spirit team started to experiment with "energy" as a source for psychical phenomena. This proved successful and were building on it over the years. They were pioneers in this type of phenomena.The skeptics wrongly interpret the word "experiment" as a scientific lab experiment in their discussions and expect scientific results.

The spirit scientists clearly stated that they were experimenting with the manipulation of photons to produce most of this phenomenon.

Now one must remember that we are here in our physical forms to do our own learning and spirit will not aid in this regard or perhaps
they themselves in the plain they were in also did not fully "know" everything about science. Hence, they themselves were experimenting.

Why no lights or even infra red cameras allowed, the skeptics keep shouting. Very simple. We will never see this in light of any form.
Not even in the "artificial" white light spirit has been saying they are working on. Not happened in many years and never will.

My view is that according to Quantum Physics, photons and even molecules in the double slit experiment act as particles or waves
depending if observed or not. So if observed with the naked eye or infra red cameras, no phenomena will appear but if not observed
as in total darkness, one will experience phenomena such as physical manifestations.

Note that phenomena such as the spinning table lights, voices and light orbs do not fall into the Quantum Physics category.
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Re: The Scole Experiment. My view.

Postby Scepcop » 16 Jun 2015, 01:51

I've seen the documentary about the Scole Experiments. But it seems kind of fake and staged, overly dramatic, like something from the Amityville Horror movies. Why do you think they may be real or genuine?

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