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The Trillion Dollar Presidential Club

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The Trillion Dollar Presidential Club

Postby nobody » 13 Mar 2015, 15:59

"The Trillion Dollar Presidential Club"

A quick look back, at their inaugural speeches,
and noticing, what they did, AFTER what they said,
regarding the subject of the national debt.

national debt:
The total amount of money that the government owes to creditors.
The government's creditors include all individuals, businesses,
governments and other organizations that own U.S. government
debt securities.

national deficit:
A negative balance, in terms of revenues collected & spent in
a fiscal year, this difference, is then added to the national debt.


Ronald Reagan

Marking his place in history, he hit the "nail on the head",
in terms of pointing out the problem, but, he completely missed
it, by not only, increasing the national debt, but by TRIPLING it
and being the first, in crossing over the trillion dollar debt threshold.

Amount of National debt entering office
Jan. 1981: $934,073,000,000

"...But great as our tax burden is, it has not kept pace with public spending.
For decades, we have piled deficit upon deficit, mortgaging our future and our
children’s future for the temporary convenience of the present. To continue this
long trend is to guarantee tremendous social, cultural, political, and economic

You and I, as individuals, can, by borrowing, live beyond our means, but for only
a limited period of time. Why, then, should we think that collectively,as a nation,
we are not bound by that same limitation?

We must act today in order to preserve tomorrow...."

Amount of National debt exiting office
Jan. 1989: $ 2,697,957,000,000

George H.W. Bush

No contradiction here, No mention of the national debt, simply a
"free-pass" to KNOWINGLY accumulate debt, so long as, the degree
to which he does it, is smaller than the last.

Amount of National debt entering office
Jan. 1989: $2,697,957,000,000

"...The old solution, the old way, was to think that public money alone could
end these problems. But we have learned that is not so. And in any case, our
funds are low. We have a deficit to bring down. We have more will than wallet;
but will is what we need. We will make the hard choices, looking at what we have
and perhaps allocating it differently, making our decisions based on honest need
and prudent safety. And then we will do the wisest thing of all: We will turn to
the only resource we have that in times of need always grows—the goodness and the
courage of the American people."

Amount of National debt exiting office
Jan. 1993: $4,188,092,107,183

Bill Clinton

His speech is the only one that actually mentions the word DEBT,
and even though his budgets provided surpluses (2nd half of presidency),
the bottom line is, he left the office with more debt.

Amount of National debt entering office
Jan. 1993: $4,188,092,107,183

"...To renew America, we must be bold. We must do what no generation has had to
do before. We must invest more in our own people, in their jobs, in their future,
and at the same time cut our massive debt. And we must do so in a world in which
we must compete for every opportunity. It will not be easy; it will require
sacrifice. But it can be done, and done fairly, not choosing sacrifice for its
own sake, but for our own sake. We must provide for our nation the way a family
provides for its children."

Amount of National debt exiting office
Jan. 2001: $5,727,776,738,304

George W. Bush

His speech doesn't even mention deficits or debt, this is as close as he
gets to doing so,...

Amount of National debt entering office
Jan. 2001: $ 5,727,776,738,304

"...We will reform Social Security and Medicare, sparing our children from
struggles we have the power to prevent. And we will reduce taxes, to recover
the momentum of our economy and reward the effort and enterprise of working Americans."

Amount of National debt exiting office
Jan. 2009: $10,626,877,048,913

Barack Obama

The American public in general, seem to have given him
a "free-pass" since he "inherited" such a terrible economic
situation, which he mentions in his 1st inaugural speech,

however, in his 2nd inaugural speech he at least mentions
"reducing" deficit spending,...

and we know, all this really means, is to not expect any
actual debt reduction in any way, shape, or form.

Amount of National debt entering office
Jan. 2009: $10,626,877,048,913

"...That we are in the midst of crisis is now well understood. Our nation is at war,
against a far-reaching network of violence and hatred. Our economy is badly weakened,
a consequence of greed and irresponsibility on the part of some, but also our collective
failure to make hard choices and prepare the nation for a new age."

-1st Inauguration speech

"...We, the people, still believe that every citizen deserves a basic measure of security and
dignity. We must make the hard choices to reduce the cost of health care and the size of our
; but we reject the belief that America must choose between caring for the generation
that built this country and investing in the generation that will build its future."

-2nd Inauguration speech

Amount of National debt as of March 2015,


US population.............. 320,492,862
US income taxpayers..... 117,770,361

national debt...........$18,150,115,715,188
net interest................$ 239,923,112,930

debt per citizen.........$ 56,633
debt per taxpayer.......$154,116
...nobody is perfect.
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Re: The Trillion Dollar Presidential Club

Postby Albansoila » 13 Aug 2015, 16:46

I will take this idea further.
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