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Bilderberg 2013 - 3,000 protest against globalist agenda

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Bilderberg 2013 - 3,000 protest against globalist agenda

Postby Scepcop » 13 Jun 2013, 15:13

Check this out. At this year's Bilderberg meeting of the Western elites, 3,000 protestors show up to protest against their globalist agenda, which is a new reccord.

Here is Alex Jones speaking to the protestors.

Here is David Icke speaking to the protestors.

Here is a recent Coast to Coast show where a guy named Daniel Estulin is interviewed who infiltrated a Bilderberg meeting before. He tells you all about it and what their true agenda is. Alex Jones is interviewed at the beginning first.

Daniel Estulin's website and books:

He is the author of The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, The Octopus Deception, Deconstructing WikiLeaks, and The Shadow Masters.

Bilderberg coverage on the Alex Jones Show, featuring David Icke.

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