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Super Electric Human Conductor from India! Wow!

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Super Electric Human Conductor from India! Wow!

Postby Scepcop » 28 May 2012, 12:03

How do you explain this one?

Super Human from Kerala (India) - With Ability to Conduct High Voltage Electricity Through his Body

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Re: Super Electric Human Conductor from India! Wow!

Postby ProfWag » 28 May 2012, 23:16

Actually I'm curious as to how YOU would explain it Winston. Any ideas or are you really not a "free thinker?"
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Re: Super Electric Human Conductor from India! Wow!

Postby Craig Browning » 29 May 2012, 21:54

Ok. . . let's start with one important fact; it's not the voltage that will kill you, it's the amperage. There's dozens of stories out there of lighting strike survivors as well as high voltage survivors. So if the ampre are turned down you can suck up thousands of volts. It might make your fingertips crispy, you it won't kill you in the majority of instances.

Yes, I've over-simplified the explanation here, but it is a know fact to anyone that's worked around high voltage; I was a wire rat for my father for many long years, pulling wiring through houses we were rewiring and upgrading the service on. I've held the drop line connections from the main trunk lines into the house dozens of times with no injury as has my father. I've been zapped hundreds of times by household outlets and again, no harm! (back in those days only pussies turned off the breakers when installing sockets & light switches or fixtures).

Long story short, there are explanations for what this dude does. . . including techniques used by side show performers since electricity first hit the scene. . . they weren't going to allow such an amazing thing pass them up and so the Electric Chair and Electric Lady acts began. . . Edison Electric as well as Westinghouse used to have touring science shows visiting schools in which this same sort of thing was demonstrated, so I do believe this case belongs in the debunked file. :?
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