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Green Eggs & SPAM

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Re: Green Eggs & SPAM

Postby Craig Browning » 15 Dec 2011, 22:06

craig weiler wrote:Oh I understand all that. But nothing is happening here because that type of discussion is going on at Skeptico which has a robust and diverse group of polite people from both sides.

Building up this forum is going to require that it be unique in some way that sets it apart. It was just a suggestion on my part.

It is though. . . we have more Church of YouTube conversations than any other forum on the planet, including YouTube. :lol:

Then there's all that Conspiracy/Illinutty stuff that keeps floating up from the bottom of the bowl and just wont' stay flushed. . . delusions over the idea that the Government is constantly lying to the public about everything, especially UFO's and various Tragedies. . . even triumphs, like the Lunar Landings 8-) (closest thing to a "Man in Black" I could find).

I'll admit that I get too frustrated with the majority of Evangelic Skeptics. . . they're the same as Baptist with the exception that they tend to think things to death vs. keeping life better balanced and simple. In short, I don't like Zealots regardless the flavor; they're all arrogant jerks in my book.

Maybe Winston needs to kill off this forum and bring a new one on line that supports all his far-out suspicions and the Church of Sloan the Psychotic?

:?: :?: :?:
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Craig Browning
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Re: Green Eggs & SPAM

Postby Arouet » 16 Dec 2011, 00:27

Yeah, but I think there are sites that already do what you're describing Craig. Winston was interested in specifically looking at skeptical arguments. If you did that and also banned skeptics from piping in to defend, it would be a bit farcical. Just a lot of +1ing and really not of use to anyone (well, except for those who just want to rant without facing opposition). Doubt it would last long.

This site has unfortunately been in decline from before I joined.

Too bad. I disagree with winston on pretty well everything, but he's a hoot and can at least spawn interesting topics for discussion. And I'll give him credit for really allowing opposite views free reign.
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Re: Green Eggs & SPAM

Postby Arouet » 07 Feb 2012, 14:12

sbobet wrote:This post concerning how to embed a YouTube video code is really helpful in support of new web users. Fastidious employment, keep it up.
<a href="">sbobet</a>

:D :P

Haha, at least he's on topic Craig! :lol:
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