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Your Baby Can Read?

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Your Baby Can Read?

Postby Craig Browning » 19 May 2010, 02:07

For the past couple of months this commercial has been running promoting the idea that infants can "learn to read before they can talk".

The gist of this program isn't only simple it's how things once were in the world when life didn't require both parents to be out of the house and working just to afford basic accommodations (check out The Granny Woman of the Hills by Ella Ingenthron and Ingenthron, Elmo Dunn for some insights). Everyone in the ages now past, had their job in the home, one of which was teaching and nurturing the young'ns... getting them to understand words, terms, actions, and more! They used flash cards, writing slates before that and in the era since we've seen the use of various audio systems and most recently video/PC modes of "programming" the mind, which is what's going on... the "software" being basic language & communication skills.

Children raised in a "progressive" environment will undoubtedly excel in that their parents place them into environments that help expedite the learning process. in the book "Wisdom of the Mystic Masters" one finds "rituals" used by families generation after generation that challenged a child's mind and helps build their ability to remember even the finest of details within a matter of seconds. So what this "new" system extends simply isn't "new" and more to the point, it's an amazing waste of cash when you get right down to it... EXCEPT FOR ONE THING... the psychology behind the program.

Because the modern parents must fork out some hefty cash to buy the program and in so doing, they are subconsciously committing to the effort of walking their child through the system. In other words, this investments forces the parents to do what they were supposed to be doing all along.

I have a "foster daughter" who seems to have an attitude that children are like puppies... after you've had them for a while and they actually start turning into little people it's time to neglect them and make a new one to have, hold and play dress up dolly with.

One summer she and her "husband" show up at our home with a two and four year old that couldn't speak on any level (with a 3rd one in the oven), nor did these kids know what real food was... to them "dinner" was whatever came out of a microwave and usually from 7-11. So we had our work cut out for us...

Almost instantly we started making the boys... especially the oldest, to actually ask for things by name. We got them both focused on real food and enjoying it over the junk their lazy parents kept pumping into them.

I bring all of this up because sadly, our world is fill of young people ("parents") that refuse to assume the educational obligations they have for their off spring. Many believing that it's not their place "that's what the public school system is for"... :shock:

So maybe we need to weigh just what this "Professor" was really targeting when he created this study program for children?

Maybe we need to send him a thank you note for challenging lazy parents to get off their ass and take care of their kids... at least to some degree. :lol:
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Craig Browning
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Re: Your Baby Can Read?

Postby EnfieldWasLegit » 26 May 2010, 04:53

That sucks about your foster daughter. It often seems the people least equipped to have even one child tend to have the most. If you doubt this go into your local Wal Mart. Nightmarish.
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