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Discuss Divination, Fortune Telling - Astrology, Tarot, Runes, I Ching, Tea Leaves, etc. and Predictions.


Postby denajousi » 29 Jun 2012, 19:00

What horoscope is most common for questioning things? Like always wondering things . And what horoscope is common for not questioning things and just accepting them?
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Re: horoscope

Postby Craig Browning » 29 Jun 2012, 19:45

Ok. . . are you talking about the Zodiac signs and their influences/characteristics?

Each sign has specific quirks; Virgo's for an example, tend to be critical about things, organized and somewhat mechanical when it comes to how they view things while Libra is the flamboyant thespian -- a Peter Pan like personality that loves adventure, socializing, gossip, and being mischievous. I know these two signs well because I share them; I'm "cusped" when means I have two signs that rule over my life & character. Compounding their influence is the fact that I was literally born on the Autumnal Equinox.

There is a catch however, when it comes to the Zodiac. . . two or three actually. First, we need to consider which Astrological Philosophy & Formulas are being used in a Reading, Vedic Astrology ( is quite different from Horary Astrology ( and of course, the forms relied on in the more remote periods of history are far different from what we observe today (

My suggestion would be to pick one form, such as the Jewish system (one of the oldest forms of the science), put some time into studying it to the point of understanding, then take a look at an alternative form so you can find the similarities as well as contrasts.

The is one major factor few consider when it comes to looking at Astrology and a person's character; Numerology.

First of all, Astrology itself has certain "fine tuning" factors such as time and location of birth but when we toss in the person's full name (3 primary names) we find other points of influence & refinement, the "family name" or "sir name" being the primary constant in everyone's life while the three names in sequence offer an overview as to what we will be like through our developmental stage (0-25ish), productive stage (25ish to 60ish) and finally, our Harvest Cycle (60ish to death) The date & time of birth are likewise of key influence when it comes to our Life Path & Mission as well as karmic obligation. In many ways our Numerology has far more influence on our lives than our Astrological influence but BOTH are required for one's better understanding of the self, our personal quirks, shortcomings, the lessons we are here to learn from and karma we are here to bring balance to. Certain forms of Astrology even suggesting that your Ascending Sign & Planets reveal the Zodiological influences that enveloped your previous incarnation and thus, help the sincere student of the soul to better understand why he/she has particular karmic debts, goals and and traits.

AND SINCE I'M ON THE SUBJECT. . . the other chief influence that ties these previous two factors together is Palmistry.

While in the womb and well before an infant's hand can fold, shift and move about the major lines of the hand take form (usually during the early part of the second trimester); there is no physical reason for this in that the manifestation happens long prior to the actual exhibition of a hand (fingers, etc.) Psychics & Palmist as well as Midwives and many old school nurses have believed for years, even before modern science confirmed this particular phenomena that our karmic signature was embedded on the physical body while still in the womb. Readers that are familiar with this theory often take the opportunity to read the palms of newborns. In more ancient times it was the hand-print and versions of our previous systems (as was understood by the village wise one/shaman) that were used for pronouncing a blessing & naming of a child once it had survived its first full year of life (something that was quite rare even as recent as 100 years ago). A second such Reading would be conducted as the child reached Puberty or the time of "turning" a.k.a. Bar-Mitzvahs. In American Native traditions this frequently meant a rigorous year of initiation such as we've seen in many African & South American tribes; rites designed to break (the male child's) ties to its mother and the idea of being "a child" and condition him towards manhood and related forms of obligation & discipline. . . I personally believe the discarding of such rites of passage by modern man has brought about serious harm and loss, but we will see how things transpire over the next few years, I'm optimistic that such primitive ways of understanding life won't just be rediscovered by the whole, but given reprise so that society itself can catch-up on emotional, spiritual and conscious levels with the things we've managed to bring about as the result of mental & physical prowess.
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