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Etta Smith Case Video

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Etta Smith Case Video

Postby Eteponge » 23 Nov 2010, 00:14

The Unsolved Mysteries episode on the Etta Smith case, which has been discussed here before.
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Re: Etta Smith Case Video

Postby curious » 23 Feb 2011, 10:08

I'm here to revive threads from the dead.

I find this particular story very compelling, especially in light of the fact that she could have gone away for a long time for sharing what she knew. I was wondering what some of the skeptics make of this story. Do you think she may have picked up information without consciously knowing it (overhearing conversation, for example), do you think she may have been involved in some way (although exonerated), or is this one of those weird things we won't be able to explain.

EDIT: I just wanted to add, I don't mean this post in a "Hurhurhur, I know EVERYTHING!" kind of way. I'm just wanting to read other opinions on what happened here.
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