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Seeking a new opinion.

Share your paranormal and psychic experiences here. Do you have any stories of how you came to realize that there were other dimensions or levels of reality? NO SKEPTICS ALLOWED!

Seeking a new opinion.

Postby BlackestNight » 05 Jan 2013, 16:59

As I write this, this experience has literally just happened. Well, not exactly literally as of now, since when I sat down to register in this forum and write this, it was 5:45 AM, and now it's 6:13. While duly aware that this is in no way the right place to put this, could I be so arrogant as to suggest that you guys consider changing your captcha system, if at all possible? It was very hard for me, as a blazing daltonic and short-sighted individual to make out the letters. And then I ended up hitting the blasted "maximum registration attempts".

Ah well. Carrying on.

I am a skeptic. Moreso than once I've managed to debunk a supernatural tale with a sound and logical explanation. Perhaps because it's still fairly early in the morning and the event is still "fresh" in me, I can't, but nonetheless I've found no sound explanation for this.

There are a few things to clarify first. Before I get into the event I need to point them out, and I will try to be as brief as humanly possible. I thank you for bearing with me.

I am Brazillian, but thanks to the wonders of the internet, I have a swedish friend who's highly believing of supernatural facts.

He's described my uncanny luck as something called "Synchronicity Wave Travelling", claiming I did it unconsciously. The reason for this is that I've escaped death multiple times and always seem to get out of a situation, no matter how sticky, absolutely unharmed.

The few times things do go bad, what I lose is either of no importance or recovered almost immediately.

To digress and explain this further with two examples, one recent and other from when I was a child;

When I was young, I was born with one intestine inside the other. Yeah. It was apparently as painful as it sounds, too, and it took my family three months to distinguish the pained cries from what would be the usual baby ones.

Now, in this situation, it meant that my smaller intestine had been without blood for at least three months, unless it somehow managed to tangle itself after birth, which is possible, but somewhat unlikely.

Any normal person would lose part of their intestine and have to spend the rest of their life without being able to go to the bathroom normally, and having to use tubes and whatnot that you see in hospitals.

I didn't. In fact, my surgery went so remarkably well, in a week my problem was more about the scar and the cut, being a baby that wouldn't understand the need to not move around, than the intestines. After a full recovery, my life carried on normally.

Now, for the other situation. Last year I had to once again go to surgery. To sum things up, due to a rapid increase in my blood pressure after the surgery, a large blood vessel was rupture causing me great pain and an internal hemorrhage. One that went unnoticed as the technicals that were in charge of me chalked it off as whining.

I had a hemorrhage for twelve hours before my Doctor, who is thankfully a very good one, decided to visit me even after an entire day of surgery in another hospital at the other side of town. He let me stay in this one because it was closer to my house and my family could visit more easily.

Needless to say, I didn't die. After the hemorrhage was removed, however, that was the least of my concerns. At night following that I entered a state somewhat between a coma and consciousness. I had seizures and would black out, and then I (ironically fortunately) fell from my bed. The sharp pain was strong enough for me to yell for my mother, who was sleeping in my hospital room, to call for help.

The next few hours for me were a blur, but in a nutshell, I had to take a few blood transfusions and undergo a special treatment to remove the gigantic blood clot that had formed under my skin (imagine the entire left side of your body black and purple. Yeah.) Yet my recovery took me four months less than predicted.

The background set and hopefully having established that what my friend said is true, or that I have at least very good luck, I can go on to the experience. Which by now has happened an hour ago.

Now, I've always felt watched when I was outside my bedroom. Worse still, I always felt at night in any place but there that was something just behind me, following me, as if on edge of grabbing me by the shoulder and spin me around to come face to face with some unnatural presence. Every time I walked in my bedroom, it vanished.

As much as it'd like to chalk it off to childish curiosity, this never happened when I was an actual child, only started in my teens. Before that, I'd always feel watched, no matter the room.

Apparently, however, only me. I heard that if you can truly call someplace "home" it creates it's own warding of sorts, keeping appearances and whatnot away. Is this true? If so, it might be the case here.

(And at this moment my mother just walked in my room and made me almost flip the monitor and keyboard over in fright. Carrying on!)

I've lived in this house for ten years and the only place I could truly call home was my bedroom, this for reasons I do not feel entirely comfortable disclosing, so we can mark it as the obvious ones.

In these ten years, I've seen someone two times. Interestingly enough when I directly saw her, I couldn't actually see her. It was as if my thought processing was slower than my sight, since only after she vanished I could make out her features. The very usual black hair and white gown usually used in funerals, but she wasn't scary or a little girl - at least, not in appearance.

It was a woman, and she stood tall at about 5'5''. She didn't feel neither menacing nor calming. She was simply there. The first time I saw her was about five years ago, and she was standing next to a table.

The second time was about six months ago, and she was right on the outside of my bedroom door, a which as I write this occurs to me that she is perhaps not that friendly at all.

But I've stalled for too long! Onto the actual experience, shall we?

I've always avoided going outside my bedroom after nightfall, but unfortunately, as with every story of spiritual paranoia, today I didn't. I woke up at 5:25 AM with my bedroom door opened, which was odd to say the least, as it's always closed at night, and a very strong gut feeling that I should not, under any circumstances, leave my bed.

And again, as with every decent "scary story", I did.

I went to the bathroom, I did what I had to do, and I left. The second I stood out of the bathroom's door, I heard a loud sound as if all doors in my apartment had been opened then slammed shut.

Except from where I stood I could see all said doors and all were the exact same way. I decided to enter the bathroom again, lock the door, and take a shower. So I'd perhaps with luck wash the thoughts away - as they were, after all, in my head.

That was when things got very much worse. I felt at unease at every step of the way, and then I looked to the right. There are two bathrooms in my house, and from the one I was standing in, I could see from the shower's window both the Spamalamadingdong and the laundry, as well as the other bathroom.

First the light in the other bathroom turned on and I heard it's door opened. A fairly usual circumstance, if the only person who used that bathroom is the one writing this (Because it's small and uncomfortable, but I greatly enjoy solitude, so it appeals to me) and was nowhere near it when it happened.

Then the lights in the Spamalamadingdong turned on. Then the Laundry. At that moment, I started considering a burgular, since I could only see those three lights and all the other lights in the apartment could be very well lit.

Except of course, they started flashing.

In and out, like some sort of show of lights made just for me, the lights started flashing at a speed so unnatural that you'd need three people, all die-hard intent on screwing with me, to do it.

Then I saw her.

The bathroom window didn't let me see her well, of course, since it was made so people outside couldn't peek in.

But I knew it was her. I couldn't make out her face or features again, yet I simply knew it with all my certainty.

I couldn't avert my gaze - Not the kind of thing anyone wants to deal with naked at 5am, hm? I wasn't very keen on the perspective of causing a fuss without clothes, at least.

Except I heard the door behind me opening.

I froze. The door was locked. Still, I managed to turn around to see absolutely nothing, until a scribble in the shower's door, which is made of glass, caught my attention.

It was in portuguese, of course, but I'll translate it nonetheless.

"I see you."

It was written on "my" side of the door.

I immediately turned back to look at her, since I knew that I had to keep watching her lest she'd appear in front of me or anything else that would leave me in a less than honorable state.

Except she wasn't there. She was gone, and all lights were turned off. Something else caught my attention then.

It was dawn. The day had dawned just as that phenomenon had occurred. And with day came safety, as it seemed she vanished with it.

The only proof I had it was real were the scribbles on the shower door.

It occurred to me then. Had it somehow managed to get in my room today? Did my uncanny luck once again show itself by relocating to place where it could not do me any harm before it was too late for it?

I came immediately back to my bedroom, turned on the lights and my computer, and started to write this. It is now 7am and while I do feel earnestly that the worst has passed, I still have many questions about this.

Although skeptical and sure to come up with my own way to debunk this at some point, I will not state it here nor do I wish for other "reasonal" explanations in this fashion. As I wrote this to give the supernatural a chance, I'd rather have only answers of that fashion.

The first question is why she can't move at day. Although I've seen her during daytime, as I've said, it was never antagonizing, it was simply there.

The second question is what I should expect from the future (Since I'll be living here a while yet) and if bad, how to protect myself from it.

The last question is if anyone has any idea of what she could actually be. Human she certainly didn't feel.

I do forgive for the long-winded tale I've spun, and I appreciate anyone who's read it.
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Re: Seeking a new opinion.

Postby SydneyPSIder » 05 Jan 2013, 20:24

burgular, lol. nice short story, it can go in the next ish of 'Skeptic Weekly'... your English is very good for a Brazilian!
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Re: Seeking a new opinion.

Postby NinjaPuppy » 07 Jan 2013, 22:53


I will get around to reading your post at some point but this is a busy work week for me.
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Re: Seeking a new opinion.

Postby Arouet » 07 Jan 2013, 23:22

Gotta side with Syd on this one (whoever thought THAT would happen eh?). Your post would be more believable if you claimed it happened a few months ago, or wrote it in a less polished manner if you want people to think it is real, or happened just an hour before. (including finding this forum right after).

That said, a google search doesn't pull up any bits of it.
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Re: Seeking a new opinion.

Postby NinjaPuppy » 08 Jan 2013, 04:08

Sorry to hear that you had a problem with the registration process. On the bright side, you won't have to do it again. :D

So I've read your experience and I see that you have but 3 questions and you ask that the answers be not 'reasonal' or from the skeptical side. I can do that- :P

The first question is why she can't move at day. Although I've seen her during daytime, as I've said, it was never antagonizing, it was simply there.

According to your Swedish friend this apparition is: "Synchronicity Wave Travelling", claiming I did it unconsciously.
OK, so I don't have a clue as to what that is I looked it up. That terminology only seems to exist in comic books. So unless you have a superpower, other than an excellent command of the English language, I'd say that by your description you've got a garden variety ghost.

As for why "she can't move at day", obviously she can.... as you say "I've seen her during daytime". The difference is the fear factor of day vs. night. Everything seems creepier in the dark. First, it's quieter due to less ambient noise both inside and outside. Second, our body and brains are supposed to be 'off' at night and we are naturally running in a worn down state after a certain amount of activity. Combine these two things and you create a mental atmosphere that is more receptive to picking up on things unexplained. 100% real or totally imagined, at the time, it's REAL. It's actually easier to explain it away than it is to want to believe it.

The second question is what I should expect from the future (Since I'll be living here a while yet) and if bad, how to protect myself from it.

You will get exactly what you expect to get. If you start to think that this thing is 'bad', that's how you're going to deal with it. If you think that it's fairly friendly or non-threatening, then you will react accordingly. As to how to 'protect' yourself from it.... try telling it that you don't appreciate her lurking around and to go bother someone else. I realize that talking to air isn't exactly 'normal' but do exactly what you would do to a living person. You can lay down rules and expect her to follow them just like a real living, breathing person.

The last question is if anyone has any idea of what she could actually be. Human she certainly didn't feel.

"Ghosts" tend to be more noticed (bothersome) when we have personal strife attached to our lives. You obviously have something going on as you say: I've lived in this house for ten years and the only place I could truly call home was my bedroom, this for reasons I do not feel entirely comfortable disclosing, so we can mark it as the obvious ones. As for that feeling of being watched, this is something that seems to go hand in hand with high EMF readings due to electrical appliances, high tension wires or faulty wiring. It's easy enough to check with an EMF detector. Since you describe lights flickering on and off, I'd start there and then work my way up to a ghost becoming stronger or bolder.

If you don't eliminate the benign first, you'll never be able to understand what is actually happening.
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