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19 million to one on first try Associative RV

Share your paranormal and psychic experiences here. Do you have any stories of how you came to realize that there were other dimensions or levels of reality? NO SKEPTICS ALLOWED!

19 million to one on first try Associative RV

Postby ScientistGeorge » 27 Jun 2010, 10:29

Associative Remote Viewing & Keno

Our deeper minds can perceive future events like lottery drawings. I've thoroughly proven this to my satisfaction. In 1993 I was doing some crude Remote Viewing experiments with friends. Remote viewing is a process whereby a person uses their mind to perceive information about almost anything in time or space, including to some extent the future. The Remote view process we used had no controls or protocols, we just closed our eyes and wrote down what came to us. The initial group of experiments were somewhat successful, but did not produce enough good data to do much with. I'd estimate that the chance of getting data this good at random in these initial experiments was about only one in a 1000.

In late October we were looking to expand the amount of data collected. My friend Jose wanted to play daily and thus we chose the local Washington State Daily Keno game. We chose a lottery game because it's basically impossible to cheat and if we got good at what we were doing we should be able to make some good money with it. We were about to get a tremendous "first time effect."

I designed an associative remote viewing process that used colors and shapes. We had been working with eight colors and needed more than just eight possible outcomes. Keno has 80 numbers to choose from. So we chose a shape for most of the letters of the alphabet. A was for Arrow, B was for Boot etc. 20 shapes in all. Eight colors and 20 shapes equals 160 different colored shapes. Thus the keno number 79 might be represented by a Blue Arrow and 43 might be represented by a Green Boot. I wrote several programs to have the computer do the associations and lookups etc. so that I could play also. I set it up so that the associations would change each day based on the computer's random number generator.

The first day that we used the system Jose came to my house and we "tried it out." I asked him to remote view 10 colored shapes for last night's drawing. Not every possible colored shape was associated with a Keno number. Later when I checked the colored shapes four of them were associated with keno numbers and all four were winning numbers on that previous night's drawing.

I then asked him to remote view 10 more colored shapes for that night's Keno drawing. When he did this two numbers "popped" into his head. He wrote those down along with the colored shapes. The 10 colored shapes turned into 8 Keno numbers. One of those matched a number that he got directly. So he had nine numbers for the up coming drawing. He wanted to play a ten spot ticket so he asked me to choose one of the numbers that I'd got from my remote viewing of colored shapes.

It turned out that both numbers that he got directly were to be winning numbers and seven of the eight numbers from the colored symbols were also winners. He played an eight spot ticket with the numbers that he got from the colored symbols and on the ten spot ticket he added his winning direct number and my non winning number from my colored symbols. Thus he got seven out of eight on the eight spot ticket ($500) and eight out of ten on the ten spot ticket ($500).

I photocopied the tickets and a winning number printout before the tickets were cashed in. See the scan of those photocopies attached.


I later calculated the odds against chance on my friends performance that day, he was 13 correct out of 14. The odds of that happening by random chance is only one in 19.5 million. If this was just a random event, my friend could do an experiment like this everyday for 50,000 years and he'd still be less than 50% likely to produce an event like this or better.

We continued to use this method for several months more with only a little success. This was a grand "first time effect." Yet, it proves very well that future lottery numbers can be perceived by our deep minds.
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Re: 19 million to one on first try Associative RV

Postby Scepcop » 27 Jun 2010, 17:43

So did you win that lottery? Did you get rich with that ability?
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Re: 19 million to one on first try Associative RV

Postby ScientistGeorge » 28 Jun 2010, 08:40

As I said in the post, it was a grand first time effect. We have a common term in our language called "beginners luck", basically the same thing. That's NOT a reusable skill -- yet. There are people that can do things like this with much more reliability, for instance John Lipscomb. He's a very good dowser, but he does not seem to see the full potential of his skills and he likely has blocks to making lots of money with his skill. We all have blocks upon blocks that limit us.
The point of my article is that this ability is real, we've just not yet mastered it. I've written a computer program that gives instant PSI feedback and the PSI state of mind is EXTREMELY elusive. It's rather like the ultimate "wet bar of soap". As soon as I think I have a handle on it, it slips away.
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