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Have u seen my Debunking Christian Fundamentalism Treatise?

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Have u seen my Debunking Christian Fundamentalism Treatise?

Postby Scepcop » 15 Sep 2009, 11:12

If so, what did you think of it? ... ntents.htm

Also, here is my Christian deconversion story.
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Re: Have u seen my Debunking Christian Fundamentalism Treatise?

Postby brett » 11 Oct 2009, 09:39

whew - that took some reading :D well most interesting scepcop - and IF people take the time to read it - will no doubt either make them think - or more likely alienate a goodly portion of the worlds population against you ( i ain't taking bets as to which mind ;) )

personally ( and here i go damned to hell and the eternal flame ) - i have had no time for ANY religion since i was publicly pilloried at my junior school by fundamentalist teachers for daring to ask a simple question , and ending up being paraded on the school stage one morning in front of the whole school as "the boy who does not believe in god " - being ridiculed by my peers , and having the embarrassment of having my farther ( who was a religious freak and hypocrite - a wife abusing church goer - and yea i make no apology for telling any one this ) - called in to the school by the head to berate me in front of him - i was even threatened with a caning for my "sins " - like a REALLY good way to influence a young mind :roll: - well influence me it did - it turned me against ALL religion , and through study or many of the worlds religions i have concluded ( yes i HAVE studied them to see what drives the believers ) that :

1. they have all been dreamed up by man
2. they are ALL used by man as a form of social control
3. even if there where grains of any truth in original writings - these have been corrupted BY man (council of Nicaea - AD 325 and subsequent councils ) FOR THEIR OWN ENDS AND PURPOSES !
4.that more "evil" and bloodshed has been done in the name of these "gods" than enough by MAN and is STILL being done in the name of these mythical beings
5 .and that religion today is STILL about social control and MONEY ( motive people always look for the motive ) - and nothing else !!

( well that will make me like popular no doubt ;) )

and what was the "heinous " crime of a young mind that has turned me into such an "unbeliever " ?? - i simply asked my teacher to prove what she was saying as she was wittering on about heaven - and when i asked her WHERE heaven was she pointed skywards - so i asked well if that's the case then why have not rockets and astronauts found it - oops that was it ,challenging a teacher , dragged off to the head by my ear for DARING to question the teachings of the bible - the rest as they say is history :roll:

now some of you will say - ah but Brett - you believe in an afterlife - this is a contradiction - well not so people as there can be a "continuance" with out the need for some man made "Deity " - oh i am not saying there is not some controlling "power" or "energy" in the cosmos , but whatever this may be , it sure as heck ain't some thing which man has any concept of or ability to control or use for his own selfish ends

any ways to sum up - interesting dissertation Winston - please go read it in full and make up your own minds ( set aside about 2 hours or so to do so in full - and i read fairly fast ) - mean while i will wait for old nick to turn up with my "admit one VIP pass " , as i must be one of his supporters eh ?? :lol: :lol: :lol:

ho hum ............................
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