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Greetings from a fluid entity :)

Introduce yourself here!

Greetings from a fluid entity :)

Postby Changeling » 24 Jan 2010, 20:47

Greetings All!
I stumbled across this forum via John Benneth's Youtube vids and thought "It's about time there was a forum like this!".
I remember reading Winston Wu's famous article years ago and being very impressed with it. I was raised Catholic (fairly mild form) and upon turning my back on Catholicism, I dabbled with Atheism. I went through a phase of being something of - what I now know as - a psuedo-skeptic.

My main interest is Global Politricks, as can be seen from most of my vids on my Youtube channel -
I've been interested in esoteric topics for many years now, and I'm becoming increasingly interested in them in part because I realise that the forces which govern the world of politics are very much subservient to forces which Humanity has yet to fully understand. I hope to play a role in helping to understand them.

Some of the things I hope to achieve on this forum, as time permits:
1) Reclaim the word "Skeptic" from the psuedo-skeptics who have hijacked it.
2) Expose faulty reasoning and logic, and also outright fraud, in Psuedo-skeptics' arguments and positions.
3) Act as something of a link between the esoteric and political worlds. It's been my experience that most people who are involved with trying to understand both tend to screw up on at least one of them.
4) Much like 2) - but apply it to those involved in the esoteric/paranormal/"conspiracy" fields. This is not a trivial point - one of the key reasons why psuedo-skeptics have credibility is because there are many frauds, fools, as well as sincere and intelligent people who've simply made a mistake in these fields. Frequently, I've seen arguments between - for example - a "9/11 Truther" and a "9/11 Debunker" and cringed at what both of them are saying!
5) Expose political agendas and nexuses surrounding all these fields. While it's beyond the scope of this intro, it's not too difficult to demonstrate the hypothesis that counter-intelligence agencies have their plants in all these fields. I also hope to do this in as non-accusatory a way as possible.
6) Have fun doing all this, and forge links with as many sincere and intelligent lifeforms as possible! ;)

Look forward to meeting you all properly!
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Re: Greetings from a fluid entity :)

Postby Eteponge » 25 Jan 2010, 01:59

"I think Eteponge's Blog is a pretty cool guy. eh debates Skeptics and doesnt afraid of anything."
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Re: Greetings from a fluid entity :)

Postby NinjaPuppy » 25 Jan 2010, 02:39

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