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New and have a question?

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Re: New and have a question?

Postby diddyp333 » 28 Dec 2009, 02:02

Thanks for all the information. I am by nature very sceptical not just of anything paranormal but also of the way a lot of so called skeptics wont even listen to a possible explanation against the law of physics. Its quite refreshing to be able to hear information from a (what seems to me like) non biased view. I very rarely post anything on any forums but for some reason felt like this was a good place to start. Ive read a lot of information lately for and against the paranormal/psi /afterlife ect and i have to say that while reading the info is helpful it is nice to have people that can answer direct questions i put to them.

Many thanks.
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Re: New and have a question?

Postby NinjaPuppy » 28 Dec 2009, 02:21

I'm glad that you decided to join us. :D
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Re: New and have a question?

Postby Eteponge » 28 Dec 2009, 03:08

Scepcop wrote:Near the end, a blind woman who was blind from birth had an NDE and was able to see for the first time in her life. That is something the skeptics can't explain.

Actually, Skeptics can give an explanation for everything, the question people should be asking though, is whether or not the Skeptic's explanations actually match the facts and data of the case or cases in question.

If all conventional explanations fail, Skeptics can fall back on suggesting fraud, conspiracy, lying, misremembering, suggest that they remembered the hits and ignored the misses of the case, etc. Or if they find even a slight mistake or slight exaggeration in the report, they will dismiss the whole report as a fraud, and not delve deeper.

Most Skeptics will only read and trust Skeptic Literature, Skeptic Websites, Skeptic TV Shows, Skeptic Magazines, Etc. And won't honestly research the other side of the argument. They will just run into fanatical doe-eyed believers from time to time who will give weak stories, flawed sources, and bad logic for "their side", and just reinforce what the Skeptic already believes, that it's all BS. It's the idiotic gullible types of believers in the paranormal who have no critical thinking skills who are the loudest to the Skeptics, and just reinforce their views.

I've asked a couple of people over the years who are Hard Skeptics why they are Skeptics. They will often answer that they are very open-minded, it's just that there isn't a shred of reliable evidence in all of recorded human history that stands up to scrutiny of anything that could be classified as paranormal actually happening.

I ask them why they say that. They respond that all they have to do is look up any phenomenon or case you could possibly give them, and there's bound to be a skeptical article out there that "debunks" the phenomenon or case.

Then they go on to say that when they were a child they believed in stuff like that, but realized that since Santa Claus is BS, Religion is BS, Etc, Paranormal Stuff must be too, and since Skeptics can "explain away everything rationally" via their articles and websites and magazines and TV shows, etc, then that must mean that everything is BS.

BUT, and this is quite hilarious, they don't take the logical next step. They don't actually go and compare what the Skeptics are claiming with what the data and the facts and the research of the case or the phenomenon in question says. They don't cross reference what the Skeptics are saying with the counter-arguments, research, etc, of the other side of the issue, and generally don't even look at the data in question.

It's the prevailing attitude of, "When the Skeptic has sung, the thinking has been done." They don't go further and actually fact check what the Skeptics are claiming with the data itself.

So yeah, they can "explain everything", because you can offer up an "explanation" for anything you disagree with, but the question that is never asked, is whether or not their "explanations" match the facts and data of the case. In many cases, it's the Skeptics pulling a fast one, playing loose with the facts and the data, omitting important verifiable details that disagree with their hasty conclusions, distorting the facts of the case, and giving an overall half-assed debunkery of whatever they are attacking. But loyal Skeptics never question their fellow Skeptics.
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