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Greetings from Australia

Introduce yourself here!

Greetings from Australia

Postby Valmar » 17 Dec 2016, 18:59

Greetings, SCEPCOP'ers! :)

My name is Kyle, I hail from Australia, and have a fascination for philosophy, science as a method of inquiry, and having rational debates on the "irrational".

After a lot of philosophical musing, having some paranormal / supernatural / spiritual / what-have-you experiences, going through a hell of depression, seeking and using Ayahuasca for self-healing, and meeting disembodied, conscious entities who are my spirit guides (or whatever your term of choice is), I settled on monistic idealism, shamanic spirituality, and anarcho-communism as my philosophies and worldviews of choice. And through that, I find myself rather scornful towards philosophical and social materialism, and the rather ridiculous philosophical presumptions of "mind is brain" and "matter is all there is" by the arrogant materialist-subsumed sciences.

I've found the philosophy subreddit on... well, Reddit, to be mostly overrun by materialists, and that having made me interested in searching for articles on the internet, I stumbled onto the forums here... so... hello! :)

Also, I am fascinated by shamanism, the nature of consciousness and mind, and how they relate to the physical, Japanese manga like Naruto, and video game music, from the likes of Undertale, Dragon's Dogma, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 10 and Grandia 2. So, yeah.

Glad to have found a great-looking community! :)
“The dao that can be expressed is not the eternal Dao.”
~ Lǎozǐ

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”
~ Carl Jung
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