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Some psychic experiences & employment

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Some psychic experiences & employment

Postby Spirit » 07 Jun 2012, 13:45

Thanks to Winston Wu, who alerted me to this webpage from the IMDb 'SCIENCE' board. Truly, we need his presence on the 'PARANORMAL' board as well, as many experients, proponents and believers are being persecuted by pseudoskeptics.

I have found his comments right on, and I'm very grateful.

I have had several psychic experiences, including:

Finding mines in Vietnam by using my mind, when our mine detectors had broken down.
Dreaming detailed dreams containing information I could not know, and having them manifest in reality - detailed - 3 days later.
Experiencing a possible psychokinesis when I saw a large floating object (a wooden pallet) come toward me while floating on a pond. Although I was on LSD at the time, it was NOT a hallucination.
Experiencing the presence of non-physical entities in an apartment in Greenwich, CT., during a meditation. Said NPE tried to scare me into jumping out a window. (You can Google my report under Spirits in Greenwich")
Probably some minor others I forget - I'm no Uri Geller.

Oh yes, I also worked with Edgar Mitchell and Ingo Swann and some other folks, in two efforts to find mineral deposits in Nevada and Utah, both of which were marginally successful (trace deposits, nothing commercially viable).

Glad I found you!
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Re: Some psychic experiences & employment

Postby NinjaPuppy » 07 Jun 2012, 19:54

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Re: Some psychic experiences & employment

Postby Arouet » 07 Jun 2012, 20:27

yes, welcome!

I do try and stay away from commenting on personal experiences like you've described (tends to get too personal) but look forward to other discussions with you!
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Re: Some psychic experiences & employment

Postby ProfWag » 07 Jun 2012, 20:55

Spirit wrote:I have found his comments right on, and I'm very grateful.

Yes, I welcome you as well--though based on the above comment, I'm not sure this isn't Winston in hiding... :-)

Spirit wrote:- I'm no Uri Geller.

But who is?
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