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Phone call from Pilotsfor911Truth to NTSB re: discrepancies

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Phone call from Pilotsfor911Truth to NTSB re: discrepancies

Postby Scepcop » 30 Aug 2009, 03:14

Here were the questions this "Jeff" was trying to get answered from the NTSB:

Questions For NTSB/FBI Regarding Flight Data Recorder Information

1. The current FDR shows 480' MSL True Altitude, too high to hit the light poles. What are your findings of True Altitude at end of data recording 09:37:44. Why did you provide a Flight Data Recorder that shows the aircraft too high without a side letter of explanation? How did you come to your conclusion.
2. What is the vertical speed at end of data recording :44. How did you come to your conclusion.
3. What is the Absolute Altitude and end of data recording? How did you come to your conclusion.
4. Why does the csv file show the altimeter being set in the baro cor column on the descent through FL180, but the animation altimeter does not show it being set?(This is a blatant cover-up to confuse the average layman in hopes no one would adjust for local pressure to get True Altitude. Too bad for them we caught it).
5. Why do the current G Forces for the last minute of data correspond to the changes in vertical speed, yet at end of data :44-:45 it shows an increase in vertical speed never accounting for any type of level off to be level with the lawn as shown in the DoD video?
6. Do you have any video showing a clear impact and/or of the plane on its approach to impact?
7. Why does your animation show a flight path north of the reported flight path?
8. Why are there no system indication of any impact with any object up to and after :44?
9. Why does the csv file and animation show a right bank when the official report requires a left bank to be consistent with physical damage to the generator?
10. How did you come to the conclusion of 09:37:45 as the official impact time?
11. What is the exact chain of custody of the FDR? What date/time was it found? Where exactly was it found? Please provide documentation and names.
12. Why does the hijack timeline show a 3 min interval for hijacking to take place? Why was Capt. Burlingame reported to have not followed protocol for the Common Strategy prior to 9/11?
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Re: Phone call from Pilotsfor911Truth to NTSB re: discrepancies

Postby Nostradamus » 31 Aug 2009, 21:07

The video has no content - no point in posting that. Another 10 minute waste of time.

Since people saw the plane hit the Pentagon and saw the plane hit ground structures before impacting the building and one vehicle even swerved to avoid being hit by the plane it stands to reason that the plain was not at 480 MSL. Therefore, the question is really why the data from the FDR was not properly interpreted by the truthers. Why did these guys get it wrong?

Meaning, the actual aircraft altitude was 300 feet higher than indicated at that moment in time.

What the writer should have said is, "Meaning, that when we tried to analyze the already processed data from the FDR we got the height wrong by hundreds of feet and we need help in correcting our analysis. Once we can properly understand how to make calculations with the data we are going to carefully check for issues we think have a reasonable chance of existing. But our computations do not match reality and we were smart enough to double check our work."

Instead we have a meaningless claim that the math is right and everyone else from the physical evidence (plane pieces, bodies, personal possessions) to eyewitness reports of the plane impacting the Pentagon are wrong.

So here from a truther site is an animation of the plane much lower than 480 feet.
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