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attachments to planes ??

Discuss Conspiracies and Cover Ups - e.g. 9/11 Truth, JFK Assassination, New World Order, Roswell, Moon Hoax, Secret Societies, etc. whatever conspiracy floats your boat.

attachments to planes ??

Postby brett » 23 Aug 2009, 03:18

found this interesting :

so what was it underneath the plane ??

this also interesting :

- self explanatory

make your own minds up

edit - don't know why these are not displaying properly - but you can paste the links in the normal way - still worth watching IMO
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Re: attachments to planes ??

Postby Scepcop » 26 Aug 2009, 08:59

Oh that's the "pod theory". Not many talk about it anymore.

Most Truthers don't subscribe to it cause it's all conjecture either way. And the image is fuzzy and unclear.

What's most important right now is the scientific forensic evidence, such as the active thermite in the WTC dust.

To display the videos correctly, remove the "&feature=related" from the URL. I already did it for you and fixed your post.
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