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Was the Paris Attack a False Flag?

Discuss Conspiracies and Cover Ups - e.g. 9/11 Truth, JFK Assassination, New World Order, Roswell, Moon Hoax, Secret Societies, etc. whatever conspiracy floats your boat.

Was the Paris Attack a False Flag?

Postby FatFreddy » 11 Jan 2015, 00:30

I'm going to follow the alternative press. This site is one of the best places to find good anaylses.

I don't rule out a false flag attack. The US and European governments seem to have plans to get control of Iraq and Syria so their citizen's hating Arabians is in their interest.

They pulled off 9/11 so this Paris attack would have been child's play.

It's still too early to be sure though.

This is a good site to get background info on why they hate us.

Put the names of Arabic-speaking countries in the search feature.
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Re: Was the Paris Attack a False Flag?

Postby FatFreddy » 15 Jan 2015, 21:42

Here's the latest from the "Global Research" website.
Another puzzle in the official story that remains unreported by the presstitute media is the alleged suicide of a high ranking member of the French Judicial Police who had an important role in the Charlie Hebdo investigation. For unknown reasons, Helric Fredou, a police official involved in the most important investigation of a lifetime, decided to kill himself in his police office on January 7 or January 8 (both dates are reported in the foreign media) in the middle of the night while writing his report on his investigation. A google search as of 6pm EST January 13 turns up no mainstream US media report of this event. The alternative media reports it, as do some UK newspapers, but without suspicion or mention whether his report has disappeared. The official story is that Fredou was suffering from “depression” and “burnout,” but no evidence is provided. Depression and burnout are the standard explanations of mysterious deaths that have unsettling implications.
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Re: Was the Paris Attack a False Flag?

Postby Phuricsame » 02 Jul 2015, 16:09

There are many people who need you to know
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