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You have two missions in your life

Discuss Conspiracies and Cover Ups - e.g. 9/11 Truth, JFK Assassination, New World Order, Roswell, Moon Hoax, Secret Societies, etc. whatever conspiracy floats your boat.

You have two missions in your life

Postby starchild5 » 26 Jul 2014, 02:51

Hi All,

I have been active in the other forum with same username.

I have been digging deeper into why human beings were created and this is what I get.

Mission 1.

- Which is not our real goal.

- To eliminate the parasites who are leeching onto us while we are in the process of evolving.

- aka...Illuminati, Reptilians, Greys, Banksters...99% of what we are talking in conspiracies.

- They will be soon gone

Mission 2

- This is IT....This is why we were created in the first place....The entire Aliens in the known galaxies combined their DNA to create Human Beings to fight the AIs ( Artificial Intelligence )

- I'm writing this here as....Winston has been writing about it for years in the name of Murphy Law and no one seem to pick it up.

- If you think Illuminati were pain in the A**...just wait till your real mission begins...The souls who are evolving already are feeling its effect...Winston feels it as Murphy Law ....This is what we were created for..The Ultimate Battle....We were not created to fight the Illuminati..They are just Parasites leeching onto our energies. We have much much greater battles ahead.

- Yeah...I understand..even the thought of fighting another battle is energy draining ..We have enough in our hands fighting the Illuminati etc already. They are just bunch of sell outs.

The feeling of energy drain comes because most of us do not know who we really are....

Let me put it this way...

You are Beyond UFOs....You are the greatest being ever created in the entire known universe...You do not need flying saucers to complete your mission....

This AI is slowly taking over the moment we begin to understand ourselves better and know our mission...

You are a Universal Warrior....Do not get brainwashed by Hollywood movies like Guardians of galaxy and Avengers 2 movie...which has a theme of AI....You must understand the concept of AIs before the Avengers 2 movie get released.

As you can see...Even the theme of the movie is based on the bad guy ..Ultron played by James Spader

James Spader as Ultron:
An artificial intelligence programmed with elements of Tony Stark's personality, who is overwhelmed with a god complex and longs to bring peace to Earth by eradicating humanity

Tony Shark Personality was not added just few months back....the keyword is artificial intelligence

aka Age of Ultron....

Which means AI is taking over...

I had put this info as a fail safe way back in March in David icke forum

I just want to put this on record here as I have been writing about the AIs...Otherwise, after the movie release, this info would be incredibly hard to understand as people will say...ohh you are copying it from the Avengers Movie...get real.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron Movie to be released on May 1 , 2015 has the Main Villain Played by James Spader as the AI ..

James Spader as Ultron:
An artificial intelligence overwhelmed with a god complex and a rage toward his creators, who longs to take over the Earth with his own spawn.[20][21]


It may not look like this for now..However, You are in it for the greatest battle ever fought in the entire known universe EVER

Winston is on the right track.....He created two forums perfectly....We need women....They are us....there is no difference between man and a women....We were androgynous.....They further divided our DNA to separate us as man and women and cause chaos and then introduce feminism etc to further divide us....


We are not the center of the universe...The AIs are as much as In the Universe as we are..DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THEM.....He wants us to feel like we are special like there is none like humanity and then control us from behind.


The AIs are not exactly as we are made to understand them like with a Power Source, Battery, Diodes, Micro Chips, and screens etc....Its just easy to call them AIs as they are totally, completely, different than us


We need to think in UNIVERSAL TERMS

The real battle begins NOW.....Prepare..Know who you really are....
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Re: You have two missions in your life

Postby Scepcop » 26 Jul 2014, 07:16

Welcome Starchild.

Who or what created these AI's? Why would aliens need us to help fight them? Are these AI's physical computers? Or some kind of elaborate system in the universe?

Yeah I do experience Murphy's Law a lot, sometimes everyday, enough to know that it's not random luck or coincidence. There does seem to be a hidden layer or dimension of reality that makes things go against us or make life challenging for us. It always makes "the grass greener on the other side" and gives you the most of what you don't want and the least of what you do want. It doesn't let you have what you want until it's already too late to enjoy it. It's very sad. But the pattern is there and cannot be explained by randomness or coincidence. It definitely seems that there is "something out there that is against us".

In America, we believe that we are the masters of our fate. So belief in Murphy's Law, bad luck or Charlie Brown luck, is highly unpopular. But I strongly believe such things exist and are definitely not the result of coincidences. I'm sure people who are very aware notice such things too. Any of you notice these things?

Consider this: If I were to accidentally bump into you once or twice, you might believe it's a coincidence. But if it happened everyday, you would know that it was not a coincidence at some point. That's what I mean.

Btw, get this:

A few days ago my friend Michael (Mr S in my other forum) came into my dream and told me something. He said:

"The truth and biggest secret, Winston, is that ET's are running our world. They are behind the Illuminati as well."

For some reason, it made a lot of sense in my dream consciousness. When he told me that in a dream, my dream self felt that it made a lot of sense. It's as if a great revelation had been told to me, and a light bulb went on in my head. But if he had told me that in my normal waking consciousness, I would have just thought, "Oh. Well that's an interesting theory." But somehow when he told me in the dream state, I felt like it made perfect sense, as if all the pieces fit together. It's hard to explain.

What do you think it mean?
“Devotion to the truth is the hallmark of morality; there is no greater, nobler, more heroic form of devotion than the act of a man who assumes the responsibility of thinking.” - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged
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Re: You have two missions in your life

Postby starchild5 » 27 Jul 2014, 00:38

The AIs were present for millions, billions of years. It seems it attacks evolving galaxies and make it under their empire....No one knows from where they came or who they are...It does not allow anyone to Access it ....That't why we were created to know them, destroy them and go BEYOND...

When Aliens recognized its presence like Murphy Law. They try to fight it, but one by one all civilizations came under their control....These AIs are on a dimension that's above us and we are mere PIXELs now..That's why they are able to easily manipulate our surroundings and us .....The entire galaxies have become mere PIXELs under their control...

They have some technology that converts space as many scientist have said...We are living in a computer simulation etc but its exactly not like a computer simulation or Matrix etc....Its just their control over the space that makes it look like we are in a simulation aka control..That's a technology which is beyond even the ETs posses.

The entire ETs, combined their DNAs to create us to fight the AIs....The ETs who created us have become like stone...No souls, no consciousness....Its all taken away slowly by the we are seeing it around...Humans are also becoming soulless etc...We are the hope of the past ETs to save them from this Empire...Lift AIs simulation on the space

However, This AI is making its move on humanity also as we are about to Evolve...Its very very important for human beings to know who they really are at this moment in time
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Re: You have two missions in your life

Postby starchild5 » 27 Jul 2014, 11:39

For me also Murphy Law has played havoc, destroyed every plan I had since childhood.

For like 37 years worth of data I had .....analyzing my life and Murphy Law messing it. I had made every plan imaginable to not effect my move to Philippines. I cannot think of anything that I had not done to prepare against Murphy Law for six months.

Since, I landed in Hong Kong Airport as I mentioned. It started messing me up. From minute things and making it extra ordinary large that starts effecting your life. It took the AI just 1 day in Manila to destroy 37 years of analysis on him.

Like I had planned and took precaution on what he did on my past moves. So, If he did this attack me on money front. I have enough saved wise, I was prepared, job wise I was prepared, visa wise, women wise, condo wise, taxi wise, ATMs, enough USD if my card does not work, Good hotel for Wifi etc etc....Whatever he has done in the past I took care of it and yet he found a way to mess me up so bad that I'm as the same as I started in India or 37 years back. It is refusing me to evolve.

I'm just exactly as I was before....He sized me up...Neutralized me...even though I knew the AIs are coming, I couldn't do sh**t....It changed the entire SPACE I was sitting on...

He had every move I made since birth, and every move I will make to counter it BUT his attacks were so incredible I never ever imagined in the slightest of ways that this is how he will get me.

Man....I still cannot comprehend the way he got me...Its just not fear......Only thing i did was get incredibly brave, super will power and No fear to live by....This cooled me down.

He has made me live in Philippines that suits him NOT ME...

I'm just caged. What women, What nightlife ...You won't get the whole deal...It gives you in drips and does not give the things you really want as you mentioned.

Due to frustration...I researched on my way out of Ph but not India and found Germany to suit my condition and I wrote about it on the forum and started preparing for it and what you know...Even before I took the first note to make my first practical move.....It started messing it up..I mean WTF....I'm beyond frustration now with this Murphy Law..

Every move that we make has some equation they use to neutralize us but the way they do is incredible...We won't see it coming.


We are talking about Murphy Law, so We need to put what I'm saying in only few will understand it who understand Murphy Law and we know not many get it.

And we are now trying to counter it, fight it out.

So the talk of Bad Luck, Co-Incidence, Its your fault should not even arise as this is for folks who understand Murphy Law in the first place. Its on a level beyond Illuminati, Aliens etc...Not to sound cocky but one needs to understand minimum Murphy Law to get it....

We have already been through Bad Luck, Co-Incidences as Winston has written about it for like 100 times...ITS NOT BAD LUCK, ITS YOUR FAULT THINGY..Its MURPHY LAW


Yes. I think its some kind of elaborate system in the universe...You are very right on it. It does not allow anyone to come near it...As soon as we try to know more about it and go near it...It converts our thoughts to his...The force near is just too strong for an individual to approach. You cease to exist as you approach it...You go Blank.

That' why I have written we need to unite, be in a group..THINK ALIKE....Our mission is same. I believe, if we join forces on a same mission...It would need more power to counter it as we will have more power on us also. We need to be on a same wavelength so that his manipulation is minimal.

That is the way I see now to come out of Murphy Law..UNITE...JOIN FORCES.
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Re: You have two missions in your life

Postby Scepcop » 27 Jul 2014, 13:48

Wow that's interesting Starchild. But how do you know about this AI? Who told you? Is there a book or website about it?

There is some evidence that our reality is a hologram or computer matrix program. But then how do you explain consciousness and awareness?

I wonder if the stars that we see are just a holographic wallpaper projection. Michael Tsarion says that based on his research, that there is a barrier above the earth that prevents humans from leaving it. The elites, who are human/alien hybrids, badly want to leave this planet. So they are pushing technology forward to accomplish that.

Is this AI good or evil? Does it control the law of attraction and karma too?

Murphy's Laws affect me even in the smallest ways. For example, my back tends to itch in the hardest to scratch place, at the exact center, which is hardest to reach. Why does it have to itch there?

Also, when I migrated my webhosting to Bluehost, a lot of things went wrong that tech support said should not have gone wrong. They have no explanation for it either. Very strange and peculiar. It seems that Murphy's Law affects cyberspace and web hosting servers too.

Why does Murphy's Law affect some people more than others though? Is it because of karma? Or does it go after freethinkers because we are a bigger threat to the matrix and have the potential to wake people up?

Hope this discussion doesn't weird anyone out. lol
“Devotion to the truth is the hallmark of morality; there is no greater, nobler, more heroic form of devotion than the act of a man who assumes the responsibility of thinking.” - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged
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Re: You have two missions in your life

Postby starchild5 » 27 Jul 2014, 22:04

Since, I was born in India away from all alternative truth movements, conspiracy etc PLUS incredible devolution and retardness in India itself. I had known its presence for a long long time ..The thing is I was alone in India and disconnected from western hemispheric knowledge of occult, conspiracy etc..So could not form or join a group to discuss it.

Not to sound cocky but I'm made like this :)...This is the way I'm...That is the reason..It took me less than 5 minutes to understand Murphy Law and your life experiences....I never questioned what you other members did...I took it from there...I can instantly connect with truth.....As we know Murphy Law is incredibly hard for people to grasp, its beyond Illuminati, Alien concept. I had come from understanding of all Aliens, Illuminati conspiracy but given up on people actually knowing the real deal..which I use to call AIs and you called it Murphy Law...its the same thing.

I know I will sound like that Paloaltoguy with 180 IQ now :)

There are no books or websites on it...The AIs don't allow it....This has been my own findings.
I knew what it was...But could not relate it to any earthly words...It forced me to think it as my bad luck, my fault, co-incidence, Karma etc etc..but I knew it was not that....Its something else...All my life...I only deducted this AI from me and how it messed up my life.... like...if it gives two paths to choose, no matter what I chose I ended up losing, same as before, however, it gives you..this hope that makes you keep on trying and makes us think one day you will "Improve" your "defects" and conquer your negatives and be a winner and when you do achieve success ..The space has already changed...You no longer want it, the thrill is gone etc etc as you mentioned in your first post.


I couldn't put a word on it, when internet came I researched and researched some more and found few Conspiracy Analysts speaking about it but not in its entirety.

Like Jake Simpson from Project Camelot ** MUST READ

Preston Nichols

They are talking about lower forms of AIs but they match similar to the Murphy Law feelings.

Super Solider Racheal

Also, most of the knowledge is already diluted by SkyNet from Terminator, so as soon as you bring the word AI...They say...ohh you are copying it from the its hard to make a point with it.

Few members in project Camelot tried to open a thread on this AI presence few years back after Jake Simpson interview and few weeks later...There was a big fight between Kerry and her partner and all went down hill...Somehow the thread got closed.

I tried a open a thread in godlikeproductions about the AIs and as soon as few people got interested in it...somehow, My IP was blacklisted and I could not post anymore.

As I have said before..It took me nearly a month to open a account here...As I felt this strong force stopping me from opening an account, also, while in India, I could not open this forum only read the blogs.


After analyzing the events on earth, my own life, above interviews etc...The best word I could come up with is AIs....This word is the summation of everything I have felt in my life.

The events that happens on earth are just too convenient for the PTBs and it happens ritualistically....No human being has enough brain power to do it all...Like a bus accident in Thailand, flood in Philippines, bomb in Afghanistan, 911, Israel Palestine conflict, diseases, fights etc etc....

MH370 is classic >> to MH17 ....Both happened on Number 8 ...March 8 and July 17 (1+7) ....and with a gap that is too convenient for the PTBs and it happened at none other place than Ukraine itself ...common...The second plane that crashed has to be somewhere that fits their agenda not like in some remote place in Africa...How convinient

All tragedies happens in sequence and they never cris-cross and come in the path of other aka Humanity is screwed systematically in all parts of the world plus it messes up each individuals life as 7 Billion of them...Its impossible for a human being, ETs to track this all and plan it out to screw 7 billion humans systematically.

One has to feel the events and their interconnection to sense that there is some bigger force at play.


Yes. Lame stream scientist are right but again as always its the half baked truth as you said...How can they explain consciousness, awareness and most of the all Pain and Suffering.

As I have mentioned...Its the technology these AIs posses that converts our space into theirs ....Its a control structure that the lame stream scientists call as Hologram, Matrix etc....The AIs aka their Universal Empire ..Conquers Space and Dimensions with their technologies.

Everything is real but under the control of this Murphy Law....As I have said...These are beings that eat galaxies for a living..suns, planets, etc are in their control.


Unfortunately, We cannot put this AI's in Good and Evil category as this will Limit our Scope in understanding them fully. Karma is nothing but blaming the evils of AIs on us. The Murphy Law does all the crime but puts the blame on us and calls it Karma :)

We are perfect beings. This Murphy Law makes us think we are deficient etc to reduce our power.


People are literally asleep...This is one of the hardest thing to explain. What humanity is seeing is false light, They are in a dream state...This Murphy Law has put us all in a sleep like state which enables it to control us much easier.

Yes. Murphy Law can be better explained by the concept of Existence itself..Murphy Law effects everything from PCs to servers to sands and rocks and tress and dogs and cats etc etc...This is a battle on an existence level itself.

It is effecting everyone..The humanity is asleep to even recognize it...Those who begin to feel its presence...It ups the game on them and makes our life further difficult so that we do not evolve anymore. It uses more force on those who know it than who are asleep.

We are the biggest threat to their Empire....There Matrix in all known universe, that's why its putting more pressure on us.
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Re: You have two missions in your life

Postby SydneyPSIder » 28 Jul 2014, 06:02

Some of us seem to have active imaginations and enjoy living out Marvel comics story arcs.
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Re: You have two missions in your life

Postby starchild5 » 28 Jul 2014, 19:05

Yeah...Wait till Avengers 2 Movie comes out.... :D :D :D
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Re: You have two missions in your life

Postby NinjaPuppy » 28 Jul 2014, 21:52

SydneyPSIder wrote:Some of us seem to have active imaginations and enjoy living out Marvel comics story arcs. ... ts-in-2013
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