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New Film! Operation Terror - 9/11 Conspiracy Dramatization

Discuss Conspiracies and Cover Ups - e.g. 9/11 Truth, JFK Assassination, New World Order, Roswell, Moon Hoax, Secret Societies, etc. whatever conspiracy floats your boat.

Re: New Film! Operation Terror - 9/11 Conspiracy Dramatizati

Postby SydneyPSIder » 16 Nov 2012, 15:37

really? wrote:
This changes nothing. You are still incredible.

No, my friend, it is you who are incredible. Or is it incredulous.
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Re: New Film! Operation Terror - 9/11 Conspiracy Dramatizati

Postby Scepcop » 19 Nov 2012, 19:24

Check out these "no plane" links: ... lanes.html ... &Itemid=60 ... =125x73867

Also check out this interesting book about it: ... pd_vtp_b_3

Planes without Passengers: The Faked Hijackings of 9/11 (2nd Edition)

Book Description
Publication Date: August 10, 2012

Only two planes of the four planes alleged to be connected with the 9/11 plot actually flew on that day. And the passengers were not people who paid a ticket to go from one place to another.

The theory outlined above that you will read in this edition is based primarily upon two facts: (1) the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), which maintains information on all commercial flights in the United States, in its original form stated clearly that while United 175 and United 93 were scheduled and flew, American 11 and American 77 did not and (2) ACARS, a system much like electronic mail and GPS, shows that United 175 and United 93 were flying over the Midwestern part of the United States long after their supposed "crashes" on the east coast.

These facts should open a floodgate of questions about the events of this day. Who were the "passengers" who boarded a flight later falsely asserted to have crashed? Where did they go? What about those claiming to be relatives of dead "passengers"?

The author provides the best answer based on facts. Are you ready to hear it?
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Re: New Film! Operation Terror - 9/11 Conspiracy Dramatizati

Postby SydneyPSIder » 19 Nov 2012, 19:51

I was reading what must have been one of those listed websites recently (and once again couldn't find the material again on a search) which pointed out with the aid of videos that had been released of the so-called 'second impact' event that

- the plane changed colour from black to white in different shots in open sunlight
- it swooped down from 45 degrees in one shot to coming in straight from the left in another shot
- that the plane mostly passed behind parts of a crane and in front of other parts of the crane in the same shot
- that some zoom shots 'taken from helicopters' were impossible where the plane should have been visible in a zoomed out frame and suddenly appeared in the zoomed in frame -- the physics was impossible, the plane should have been visible on the edge of the zoomed out shot when you calculate the velocity and time.
- that every shot of the towers from a variety of supposed photographers seem to have come from the same line -- i.e. they must have all been in a straight line one behind the other! or else the shots were all faked up from the same component overlay shots.

seems like a lot of sloppy CGI Adobe video package editing to me. what should a true 'sceptic' think about this sort of evidence????? (I think I'm a true sceptic on this topic.)
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