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Why the Nazis didn't lose the war (disturbing)

Discuss Conspiracies and Cover Ups - e.g. 9/11 Truth, JFK Assassination, New World Order, Roswell, Moon Hoax, Secret Societies, etc. whatever conspiracy floats your boat.

Why the Nazis didn't lose the war (disturbing)

Postby Scepcop » 10 Nov 2010, 04:29

Take Nazism and WW2.

The Nazis didn’t lose the war, they won it. After the burned out host of Germany was no use any more, they abandoned it and set up shop in the US.

The cover of Germany (equated with the Nazis) having suffered a devastating defeat was brilliant. It allowed people to think that the evil doers had been defeated and punished, and at the same time actually put the people who were really behind it all into being the position of the good guys who had defeated the bad guys (since the bad guys basically ran both sides.)

The corpse of the Hitler regime was kicked all the way down the street, Hitler was made out to be a peculiar aberrant maniac who had driven the whole thing himself along with a bunch of equally loony mates, who were thankfully now all dead or imprisoned and things could get back to normal.

A few of the more obvious perps who were no use any more were hung out in a show trial, while everyone who had organized the whole thing behind the scenes became the liberation rulers of the new world. The perps who were still useful were given new jobs, mostly working for the CIA and NASA and the weapons program. I guess the Soviets probably got a share of them too, but I don’t know so much about that.

The psych of the entire period of history from 1945 to 1990 was basically modeled on our glorious victory over Nazism and our recovery from the horrific crimes of the Nazis , how close they came to world domination and their eventual miraculous defeat, snatched by the good guys when all seemed lost.

It was used as the motivation to set up Israel, and ensure an ever present trigger for the next conflagration - just as the simmering leftovers from WW1 were used to set up WW2.

The horrors of Nazism - completely engineered by the same people who supposedly defeated it - were used as the founding trauma event for the new world.

Everything was measured against the background of gratitude that at least we stopped that madness and avenged it.

We were given an event which was almost surreal in its horror level. Anything which defeated it and avenged it had to be good.

In order to cover up what was really behind it, we had a limited hangout of now expendable villains.

Now see S11 as the same kind of event - almost surreal, movie like. (Because in fact it was part real and part movie).

So now we need pretend justice for it. Cartoon villains like Silverstein and Bush who were really just the puppets to do the dirty work are on the front line to take the fall. When the acceptance of an inside job becomes mainstream, then the outrage levels will be so out of control that no one will care about wanting to know the deeper story. They'll just want justice and revenge for the bad guys.

As with WW2 and Nazism, the real designers keep their hands clean, paint themselves as the justice givers, and use the subsequent shock and outrage as the tool for moving on to the next scam, and building the next nightmare.

The main official story was never designed to last all that long. There's too many holes in it. Jut long enough to commit unspeakable atrocities in the phony "retaliation" which itself will then raise the horror and outrage level when the "truth" comes out.

The "truth" can be anything which says "we were lied to." Just like "justice" was anything which saw a Nazi get busted.

Mind you, one of the worst war criminals of all , Werner Von Braun, was spared "justice" and given an exalted position as head of NASA along with a lot of his fellow scum. People sort of "forgot" to notice that. Like the Simon Wiesenthal foundation which made a big song and dance of hunting down and prosecuting every last petty officer who shot 3 people at a camp - probably because he would have been shot himself if he didn't - but had a strange case of amnesia/forgiveness when it came to some of the worst Nazi scum, who just happened to be extremely useful to the US weapons and Space program - which was really just a continuation of the Nazi program, relocated to the USA.

If the shock and outrage of the event is big enough, this kind of scam is routine. As long as there is a cartoon villain to put up front and stone to death, then people don’t notice.

Bush and Silverstein are ideal candidates for the distraction stoning ritual.

Meanwhile, what will get passed over in all of this is that the very same media which is almost to the point of starting to holler "we want the truth about Sept 11" is the same gang which actually organized the whole damn psy-op. The cartoon of that non existent plane flying into the tower.

As long as there are planes of any kind in the story, the media gets off free. Remote controlled planes are just as easy to incorporate into a limited hangout.

Military planes with pods and all that crap. As long as people think that the media simply showed what was there, and failed to interpret it correctly.

There weren't any planes. The media showed us cartoons and passed it off as a real event. The same media will now become the heroes in presenting the shocking "truth" of the event. Demolition. And any kind of plane, whether a passenger jet hijacked by Arab maniacs or a remote controlled jet with a pod, organized by the evil villain Bush will do for "truth".

This is also why the issue of plagiarism is critical. If things actually worked as they are supposed to, then even TENC's series of articles in late 2001/early 2002 should have led to treason proceedings within months.

Why didn’t they ? Because *everyone* covered up and pretended not to know.

As I mentioned in the scholars article, the subsequent complicity of the media, the so called political opposition and the scientific community is now as big an issue as the attacks themselves.

How can such information be fully available in the public domain for 4 years and nobody notice ? So along comes a group of "respected scholars" to tell us that they have just discovered it all - just now.

"Their own physics research... They have examined the Bin Laden confession video and found...they charge that the air force was stood down..."

Ah - all new. Nobody knew. How could anybody have known ? Only scholars and experts can work out these complex matters, and even those magnificent intellects needed years to unearth the shocking truth.

And so everyone who helped cover it up for the last four years does the outrage act and the "we didn’t know" chant - just like in relation to the Nazi atrocities.

"We didn’t know ! Nobody told us ! How could we have known ? Why didn’t somebody say thing ? Why didn’t somebody do something ? How could this have happened ? We didn’t know ! We didn’t know ! "

You know the routine.

And so the limited hangout gets under way in exactly the configuration they want. The escape tunnel is created for everyone who looked the other way or even helped the whole thing. "We never knew ! " And just as with WW2 and Nazism, the main perps themselves become the heroes of defeating the evil.

As for the new world they want to create in its wake, the prototype is being trialed on the fringes of society through the "truth movement" which is a mass mind control experiment.

The trauma of the lies is so shocking that the word "truth" has become a mind control trigger.

Trauma and torture is a key element in mind control. Once the subject is broken, then they will usually cling to their torturer as their protector.

This is in fact how the whole psychology of the war on terror has worked. People terrified of the Arab boogie man clung to Bush like a protective father. Once Bush becomes the boogie man, then people will cling sobbing to *anyone* who utters the magic words "we were lied to" - as a savior.

"Truth" is about to become a religion. And truth will be anything which says "we were lied to".

One of the most sickening examples of this recently is the attempt to paint Scott Ritter as a "truther". Ritter as a UN weapons inspector, helped to set up the Iraq war by demonizing Iraq and pushing the WMD crap for years. As in the normal routine, once the war started, the same media which orchestrated the hysteria which was used as justification also orchestrated the phony campaign against it. In the blinking of an eye, people like Ritter suddenly became heroes for saying that WMD was a lie - when for years he had been one of the main architects of building the whole lie.

So Ritter - even though he's never said anything about Sept 11 is suddenly a "truther" because he's said the magic words. "Bush lied to us". And all the trauma controlled truthlings cling sobbing to him as a truth hero.

The WMD scam was an interesting sideline to it. They *deliberately* exposed themselves as lying over WMD in order to create the very kind of trauma conditioning that I've been talking about as a precursor to a lunatic "truth" cult.

They could have come up with any number of more credible excuses for invading Iraq. Or if they were going to stick to WMD, it would have been child's play to fabricate evidence for WMD enough to fool the average CNN watcher. When they can pull off a scam like S11, it would be easy to at least give it a decent shake. They didn’t even try.

They put it right in our faces that they were lying. And then orchestrated a truth campaign headed by the same people who built the lie. Our Aussie equivalent of Scott Ritter, is Richard Butler, another UN weapons inspector WMD scaremongerer, who along with Ritter, spent a decade building the WMD lie, and then somehow became the leader of the anti Iraq war demos here, thunderously declaring that the US and Aust Govts were lying through their teeth about WMD.

The trauma is so intense that it is creating double think as a briefly alluded to before in the crazy cult surrounding Griffin and S. Jones.

Truth can be any number of totally contradictory things at the same time. Just as long as you say "we were lied to", then whatever you say is truth.

Again - have you read "1984" ? If you haven't I need to explain a bit about double think and "newspeak" and the "ministry of truth", so you'll have a better idea of where this is leading to from now.
“Devotion to the truth is the hallmark of morality; there is no greater, nobler, more heroic form of devotion than the act of a man who assumes the responsibility of thinking.” - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged
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Re: Why the Nazis didn't lose the war (disturbing)

Postby Craig Browning » 12 Nov 2010, 03:29

Oi Vey! :shock:

Some years ago I attended a lecture that "proved" a similar thought but more from the theological/philosophical point of view in which how one wins by surrendering...

If Germany had won the war we'd be driving German Cars and relying on German Aeronautics to support our space program...

If Japan had won we'd be driving Japanese Cars and find our culture dominated by Japanese cultural influences...

Had China won the cold war they'd own much of what is known as "the American Dream" and be living it here and abroad...

Yes! Much of what Fascist Germany promoted was adopted by both, the U.S. and the UK as a matter of politics and social practice. A considerable amount of the R&D done by the NAZI's in the areas of genetics, inoculation (and other social health programs), Airframe and Aerodynamics became a very openly adopted aspect of our world... we boasted over the fact that we got the smart Nazi's and Russia got the dredges... not a total truth, but an aspect to what happened and the deals made the last 18 months or so of the war that would insure both, Germany's sovereignty (vs. the humiliation of WWI) as well as the "West" (U.S. & UK) superiority... like the Fascists, we too distrusted and loathed the Communists... we also know Stalin was much more demonic than Hitler and the lads and thus, part of the "back room deals" leading up to peace centered on preserving a way of life that America, England and Germany all had in common.

Don't look for the "conspiracy" but rather, the commonalities shared by the main body of the allied and axis elements. If it weren't for Pearl Harbor there existed a serious sense of empathy and even support by most of the U.S. and even Canada towards the Fascists. Even Hitler realized that letting the Luftwaffe have their way with the UK was a huge mistake in that England could have readily become sympathetic on many levels, with Nazi philosophy. Hitler and members of Parliament saw things far more eye to eye for a number of years, than not. The problems emerging as the result of Hitler's greed as well as the arrogance of his generals who carefully placed him into the scape-goat's seat. Yet, with a few minor differences in how events unfolded, the situation could have been quite different and the war itself, non-extant.

So again... no conspiracy and nothing really that new here. It's a matter of perspective and timing.
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Re: Why the Nazis didn't lose the war (disturbing)

Postby caniswalensis » 12 Nov 2010, 21:53

All I see is vague alligations that we ar somhow the inheritors of Nazi idealism. I couldn't find any actual information or examples in here that demonstrates this is true.

The mention of Verner Von Braun is, to be blunt, laughable. The man was not a sincere nazi, not a war criminal, and held no political power or ideological influence over our culture. He was a rocket scientist, nothing more. Do some reading about his life and you will see why I immediately dismiss this example.

I am open to the idea that we are living in a "fourth reich" today, but I need to see some evidence in the form of solid examples of nazi-centric political policies being implemented in our system.

In other words, define what makes a nazi a nazi, then show us how the US meets that criteria.

Simply saying we are nazis because we use rockets & immunization is not even close to demonstrationg the point.

Regards, Canis
"It is proper for you to doubt ... do not go upon report ... do not go upon tradition ... do not go upon hear-say." ~ Buddha
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Re: Why the Nazis didn't lose the war (disturbing)

Postby Twain Shakespeare » 25 Nov 2010, 06:38

Winston, Craig, Canis, I strongly rec'mend you read RA Wilson's Illuminatus or Cat Trilogies, if not his philosophy. Reading this post, and the other Ichean ones I have been viewing, make me feel as if I have fallen into one of those novels, where rulers think they are being mysterious when they wrap enigmas in riddles, but are actually being foolish and wrapping lies in confusion.
That is my null about what is going on. Sure, there are conspiracies, both secret and criminal, and more history's been made in bedroom and boardroom, but as for controlling the forces of history, at best a leader is Mao riding the Tyger, or Robespierre crying, "I must find out where the people are going in order to lead them."
In short, no person is in charge, mob psychology is, either institutionalized, or in the street. You really need to read "The Mass Psychology of Fascism" Yes, Reich arguably went loony tunes after writing it, but he wasn't crazy when he wrote it, however delighted the authorities may have been to use "orgone" as a red herring to discredit and suppress his politics.

Our “group consciousness” predates our individual consciousness, and we are more mere nodes in a higher life form, as are ants and bees, than we begin to suspect. For ten of millions we were shaped by being part of a primate band, for millions of years we perverted our instincts by killing faster than instinct allowed for, and added predator habits to bonobo sociability, then for thousands of years, most of our ancestors have been enslaved by hive cultures living out group dreams.
At least, that's how it appears to me. For centuries literacy has been apparently been adding individual consciousness to the mix (unless it was the negative effect silver and iron have on psychic phenomena that caused the last change. ;) )

I suspect literacy has been hijacked by “group consciousness.” Group consciousness is perhaps a misnomer, however much the Fuhrer may appear to be the ghost in the machinery of state, the Leviathon may be no more aware than a computer program, even if it is actually capable of exhibiting patterned behavior.
These behaviors are designed to maintain continuity in the existing economic power structure of the primate band, but the corrective mechanisms available to fifty bonobos when some idiot is leading them into a lion's den may not be available to three hundred million Americans.

To sum up, and to get back this thread, and to RA Wilson, the question is,
1. Is the world in its present state because humans are deluded fools “led” by psychopathic liars who are only thought to be in control, but who are truly no more in control than malaria is in Africa? or...
2. Is there a predator, either human but possibly possessing super scientific or supernatural powers, or possibly non human, either extraterrestrial, cthonic, spiritual, or simply otherworldly, preying on humanity in the manner of the Illiminati Ichean model, cleverly always keeping hidden? If so, the question becomes, in what manner is the lion in control of the jungle?
"What's so Funny about Peace, Love, and Understanding?"
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Re: Why the Nazis didn't lose the war (disturbing)

Postby Craig Browning » 27 Nov 2010, 06:18

"I strongly rec'mend you read RA Wilson's Illuminatus or Cat Trilogies,..." yep... that's what I thought.

NEWS FLASH... it's all hype and paranoia used by clever publishers and authors for making money off the fools that buy the books and worse, buy into the hog wash.

Firstly, if we are to buy into the whole ILLUMINATI idea then we are looking at something that's literally hundreds if not a couple thousands years old... just how is anyone supposed to infiltrate and expose such a supposedly powerful organization?

Secondly... what's it matter that they exist? Thus far they've actually done more good than harm, using war and politics in ways that allow humankind (as a whole) to evolve and move forward when it comes to intellect, science and even religion... Where's all the boogiemen and evil stuff?

Thirdly... the NAZI's were Christians too... who are we to say that they were right or wrong?

I know, I know... they killed millions of innocent people, stole from the rich to give to the poor (themselves), etc, etc. sounds a hell of a lot like the U.S. Government... we just took a century or so to commit a much wider genocide on the native peoples as we stole their land, the minerals, and life if once held in abundance... :roll:

If you were to sit all those conspiracy THEORIES over to the side and pick up some real history books (global history) I bet you'd find how, time and again, this kind of cycle repeats itself over the past 5,000 or more years that we know of. That includes the adoption of ideas, technology, etc. from the defeated foe and waving it into the culture of the triumphant.. .and of course, painting the defeated as being the most evil things that ever existed while carefully covering up what you and your nation did in order to defeat them... and I can assure you, the U.S. and Allies did some very nasty, inhuman things in order to destroy the NAZI's, Japanese and USSR... just to name a few.

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