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How To Guarantee We Live In A Holographic Universe.

Discussions about Metaphysics, Quantum Physics, the Holographic Universe and the Nature of Reality.

How To Guarantee We Live In A Holographic Universe.

Postby thegift » 29 Sep 2012, 20:15

Do we live in a holographic universe…???
YES, we do!
But nobody anywhere has come up with more than words and guesses about it so far… Have they?
Wrong! The full clear easy way to guarantee the truth that our universe is based in fractals and holographic potentials already exists online. It has been on my website for over a year already and understood for over half a decade.

In keeping with a forum page I will try and keep this simple. If you take a .jpg picture of earth or moon, make a .psd layered picture from it by just duplicating the original layer over itself, flipping it laterally, and making the top layer 50% or so transparent, you will immediately generate a unique holographic form.

How can I prove it is a hologram? Again, if you take a simple picture of anywhere on earth or moon, put it through this same easy graphics process you will get variants of this same unique holographic form. You will get cumulative variants of this same virtual holographic form.

Now, if we assume this is an as yet ignored law of physics, to progress we are going to have to cancel everything particle physics theory assumes. We can have a holographic universe, or, we can have a ‘particles in nothing, particles made of nearly nothing’ universe. There can be one, or there can be the other.

Light is either a wave, ‘a ripple across nothing’, or a very fast particle, isn’t it? Light is either a particle, with mass, that can bounce undamaged at 186,000 miles a second, or, it is a wave that emanates to progress as a vibration across something we have yet to identify, isn’t it?

It can’t be both, regardless of the theory still struggling with it all. Flipping virtually any semitransparent picture over itself guarantees conventional physics is wrong and we have a holographic universe. Conventional physics is still 100% wrong on this – ‘just ask any psychic’! Make your hologram and you will be right not logic or physics assuming you are not. This is a very simple truth to test. As 1+1 always equals 2, its result is absolute. Its image form can only be holographic. It works for just about any image on earth. It works for just about any image in space.

For any image you choose to make your hologram of, if you learn to enhance it well enough, you will always end up with a symmetrical image of a virtual cataclysm. On earth or moon, it will always be a version of the same cataclysm. In space, it will depend on where you point your camera, but, you will always end up with an image of a virtual cataclysm relevant to that section of space or earth or moon.

It will always look like a meteor or such in the act of penetrating a planet. It will always be relevant to the perspective or position of the matter you use in your initial photo. That is, if it is the moon it will generate a hologram showing where it fitted in that cataclysm. Likewise, for any continent or image, your resultant hologram will be relative to that object’s position in it too.

Build up enough of a library of these holographic virtual cataclysmic images of earth and moon and you will also have a comparative data base you can potentially prove your cataclysm involves earth and moon and the true birth of our continents in that ‘virtual event’ – MOONBIRTH!

It is a known law of holograms that even a small part of a hologram can potentially hold an image of the whole. For instance, if you make a hologram of a rock you can reconstitute a hologram potentially matching a hologram of the whole world.

Now, let’s take it just a bit further. To keep the topic simple enough for all to follow I don’t want to go too much further. Again, even a small part of a hologram can potentially hold an image of the whole. If you take your original image off just about any reflective surface on earth, you can still learn to enhance out a recognizable hologram of our same cataclysm.

‘It’s just not true… Is it??’ When I discovered this absolutely basic principle to our reality I tested it against all manner of things I could readily put my hands on. I received a comparable result in ALL cases. So, there is no chance involved, no theories, and no guesses here at all – just clear blatant truth for all to see for the first time ever. So, physicist, geologist, astronomer, it does not matter, prove me wrong and good luck. You will certainly fail!

Now, let me spell those steps out again for all of you who want to try for yourselves. You will need to install the free version of Google Earth and find and download Adobe Photoshop or its later upgrade. You will need a very basic knowledge of both programs to begin. Use the ‘help’ files for each step.

Here’s the process. In Google Earth ‘save as’ a centered copy of any continent large enough to keep earth visible as a full round ball for preference.

In Adobe Photoshop open your downloaded continent image, duplicate the layer, flip it laterally, and reduce its opacity to about 50%. You will have already made your first hologram. Align and rotate your top layer. Just align the overlapping two earth spheres and rotate your top layer and keep the image symmetrical as you go. Watch your image form as you rotate the top layer and stop when you have your most interesting version of the symmetrical virtual impact image you create.

If you learn to copy the full hybrid image layer pile as a single layer, you can then learn to carefully enhance it to bring out latent detail of the virtual cataclysm image you have created. From this base you will be able to branch out into ‘new science’ beyond the discovery.

What did I do with it? I discovered and used it as a backup process guaranteeing the full clear process of moonbirth as I first learnt it by another unrelated procedure. I used it to learn many other fascinating things about matter and space that astronomers in their hypnotic focused arrogance are yet to even consider.

What can you do with the concept? Like with any sudden new leg to physics, I managed to uncover quite a bit with it, the sky is the limit and I want to leave it there. My website is:
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Re: How To Guarantee We Live In A Holographic Universe.

Postby Arouet » 29 Sep 2012, 20:26

Wait, what? I don't even...
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Re: How To Guarantee We Live In A Holographic Universe.

Postby really? » 28 Oct 2012, 21:59

Gee, I don't know what to say. Actually I do, but I've decided too be polite.
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Re: How To Guarantee We Live In A Holographic Universe.

Postby SydneyPSIder » 29 Oct 2012, 14:04

We're being Sokalised every day here...
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Re: How To Guarantee We Live In A Holographic Universe.

Postby Scepcop » 06 Nov 2012, 23:21

Check out this documentary about the Holographic Universe. Apparently, mainstream physicists are now leaning toward the holographic model of the universe, because all the evidence and experiments and new discoveries are pointing in that direction. For an in-depth explanation, see part one of the film below.

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