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A Quantum Theory That Could Explain the Flow of Time

Discussions about Metaphysics, Quantum Physics, the Holographic Universe and the Nature of Reality.

A Quantum Theory That Could Explain the Flow of Time

Postby tailchaser » 27 Sep 2015, 21:37

According to the scientists, our ability to remember the past but not the future, another historically confounding manifestation of time’s arrow, can also be understood as a buildup of correlations between interacting particles. When you read a message on a piece of paper, your brain becomes correlated with it through the photons that reach your eyes. Only from that moment on will you be capable of remembering what the message says. As Lloyd put it: “The present can be defined by the process of becoming correlated with our surroundings.”

Here is an very interesting theory about how quantum entanglement and time are interrelated.
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