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The Mothman - 100+ eyewitnesses can't be wrong!

Discussions about Unexplained Creatures and Cryptozoology. E.g. Bigfoot, The Lochness Monster, The Jersey Devil, etc.

Re: The Mothman - 100+ eyewitnesses can't be wrong!

Postby Craig Browning » 13 Mar 2012, 04:18

I've been trying to track that copyeditor down for twenty years."

HINT: The Big Bug Ate Him

We are talking about West Virginia here and I can assure you, those folks KNOW that them thar hills is full of all sorts of odd creatures. . . more oddities that Australia. Granted, most of these entities can probably be traced genetically as being defective humans due to shallow gene pools . . . hell, my mom and dad are my 3rd cousins and my baby brother is my 4th cousin. . . Hello! A Grandpa Browning on both side of the family, one being a generation older than the other :shock: (and people wonder why I can relate so well to Jeff Foxworthy :roll: )

I've had a lifetime hearing the many tall tales of the Appalachian region, being fed by at least three generations of cousins, aunts and grandparents about haunted hallers and healing springs, etc. But as an adult I've come to understand that a lot of this tale making comes from those Scott & Irish folk that settled into this region along with that handful of Dutch and German folk, all of them bringing native folk tales with them and without realizing they'd done so, stitched them into the fabric of the American folklore. I fear things like the Mothman fit into this little niche; that's the only way it actually makes sense, but one must have true Hillbilly blood running through their veins to recognize the cultural tartan at hand. ;)
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