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Hi there!

Introduce yourself here!

Hi there!

Postby Suncross74 » 05 Feb 2012, 07:46

Hello! Nice to finally be here (had registration problems). I'm Suncross74 (I know that would have been hard to figure out, lol), and I've been a fan of this site and forum ever since I found them. I'm on the "believer" side, but I am not one of "those" either. Simply put, I'm game for scientific investigation and am here to seek such and seek real evidence for the "paranormal," and analyze what comes our way. The "paranormal" is stricken by lack of research, difficulty of research, and abundance of liars. Only by diligently cutting through the garbage and only promoting the reasonable cases can we truly make any case for the so-called "paranormal," so our greatest job is to make sure we never promote as evidence anything which is obvious trash.

There, I've said my spiel (my apologies, I'm lousy at introductions). Good to be here! I've been reading this forum so long I feel like I know everyone already. :D

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Re: Hi there!

Postby Arouet » 05 Feb 2012, 09:42

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Re: Hi there!

Postby NinjaPuppy » 02 Mar 2012, 03:49

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