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ATTN: Trying to get someone fired is NOT allowed here!

PostPosted: 05 Aug 2009, 00:26
by Scepcop
It came to my attention that in the locked thread about JREF, some of you publicly declared your intention to try to get The Professor fired from his job and even asked others to email his job to try to carry this plan out.

I wanted to officially declare that that is CROSSING THE LINE here, and constitutes a threat. People should be able to come here without having their jobs put at risk or their personal lives. That is simply cruel and uncalled for. Online feuds go too far when they go this route.

So please don't do that again. Otherwise, you will be subject to getting banned.

I already issued official warnings to the user names that initiated this. The warnings are marked in their profiles.

Please keep this in mind in the future.